Friday, April 13, 2007

Odds and Ends 8

I'm going to start off with the trivia portion of this post. Below is a copy of the first page of the application Bob Bisno filed for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project.

As of today, there has been no change to this application and what Bob is applying to build, is exactly as it was when this application was filed.

"Bob Bisno is going to save San Pedro." Linda D'Ambrosi repeated those words several times during the April 12, 2007 CAC meeting. It was also Linda who verbally attacked me while I was serving as a member of the CAC. Now I don't mind being attacked if the person debating me has at least some true knowledge of the project. Heck, I'll debate anyone, any time, and any where, and I'll just use the truth.

Linda claimed last night that she has lived all of her 57 years in San Pedro. I find that hard to believe because she lives in R.P.V. Well, Ray Patricio wasn't at the meeting to add his wonderful humorous moments we all enjoy and look forward to. Thank you Linda, for providing all of us with one heck of a great belly laugh.

As of this writing, I still haven't seen what will be in tomorrow's More San Pedro. I have been told that there will be letters critical to Tom Field's letter and there might be a guest column from Bob, himself. I hope I get to write the rebuttal this time, as well.

I will be making and handing out "NO LAUSD AT PONTE VISTA buttons at the April 19 meeting at San Pedro High School's auditorium. The LAUSD folks are going to try to present a review of their plans to place a 2,025-seat senior high school at Ponte Vista. I doubt there will be much time to actively discuss the issues with all the protesting I expect to witness and participate in.

Somebody at last night's meeting claimed that there were not many doctors in attendance.
I must beg to differ in that opinion. Every single graduate of San Pedro High School can illogically call themselves, "doctors" because each of us have a P.H.D. (Pedro High Diploma).

Besides what Bob wants to build, besides what R Neighborhoods Are 1 wants to have remain on the Ponte Vista site, and besides all of us who think there should be some kind of compromise, I think we all need to start looking at the current and future housing market and see if that alone might change everyones' plans, ideas, and wishes for the site.

Stop by the Albertson's in northwest San Pedro between noon and 4:00 PM and donate a buck or two to help out the new group in fighting Bob's plans for 2,300 condominiums at Ponte Vista.
You can also sign the R1 petition, if you haven't done so already. There will be buttons and bumper stickers, and even some lawn signs available for you to pick up. You can say hello to some of the members of the steering committee and you can ask me any question you want about the project and I promise a truthful answer, even if it is something you don't want to hear.
I may not be impartial, but I try my very best to be honest and truthful.

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