Monday, April 02, 2007

Let's Design a Button

Here is something I think we all can get together and do. How about we design a button in opposition to building a 2,025 seat senior high school at the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site.

Below I have created 15 sample buttons that absolutely nobody has to agree on. I think if I give everyone a spark of an idea, then you all can help me design the best button to get the point across that we do not want such a large school anywhere near Ponte Vista and the other schools in the area, including the new Mary Star campus.

If any of you happen to like any of the designs then you can make a comment or Email me as to the number of the sample you like.

If you have suggestions for any type of designs, then please tell me them, too. I would like to be able to make enough buttons to be able to hand them out at the April 19th meeting to everyone. My button making campaign for this subject has nothing to do with support or opposition to Mr. Bisno's current plans and has nothing to do with R1 or the new group, for that matter.
(I just threw in number 5 as a test, I doubt that will actually be produced in any large number.)

That shape you see in the middle of some of the buttons is the approximate outline of the Ponte Vista site, all 61.53 acres of it. The outer band of the button is the portion that should be hidden behind the front of the button, so you shouldn't be able to see it on the finished button. It gives me more of a chance of cutting the circles a bit more round.

This button designing thing may be the only thing the very vast majority of us can agree upon, right now. No matter what you feel should be built as residences at Ponte Vista, the one thing that is very clear is that, very few people in our community favor such a big high school being built in northwest San Pedro.

This is another fun post, I hope. We can be very serious in our opposition to SRHS #14 and still have some fun letting the LAUSD that we don't want what they are trying to peddle to us.

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