Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Answer to a Challenge

MLS Resourse, Movoto,com,,,,,,,,, 1,041 listings for San Pedro using these sites alone., 221 more listings in Rancho Palos Verdes/Miraleste.

1,262 total listings looking for about 15 minutes, using as search engine.

Also, 1400 new units are either under construction or currently approved of, or still in planning stages in downtown San Pedro.

136 condominiums being constructed at Seaport Luxury Homes in northwest San Pedro.

134 "Patio" style homes at "Highland Park"/JCC Homes just beginning the demolition and then construction.

Now to the usually enraged fellow who challenged me. Buddy, these are the listings. I do not care if any are duplications, these are the listings.

Take your 87 N.C. challenge and stick it where the sun doesn't shine because I have no intention any longer, to deal with someone like you, in whatever position you think you are in, who seems to be too scared to let folks know who you really are.

And, by the way, who the hell do you think you are, anyway? Do not write to me again and question whether I am "invulnerable". We all are to some extent and you are much more vulnerable than I would ever subject myself to becoming.

Your high horse is only wooden and has rockers on the bottom and when you deal with a nobody like me, it is you whose reputation is on the line and not mine.

Get it! Got it! Good.

Keep fighting the battles in your mind, this war is over!


michael.meacher said...

Delusional. Counting all the duplicate listings as seperate houses is the same as counting the hits on your site as seperate people who support you.

You should get back in the underground tunnels connecting blue wires with blue wires and red wires with red wires where you belong. Unless of course,they suggested you stay home because all the medications are warping your sense of reality.

But looks like you are on another roll. All full of yourself and telling everyone off.

Despite how you much you wish it bud, you are a resident of RPV. If your own city doesn't pay any attention to you, it's not our fault. Stay over there where you belong and cry to your own City Council.

We are tired of your constantcomplaining and shifting positions. You can never come up with the facts to back up your ridiculous hypotheses. You justtry throwing more BS at the wall to see what will stick.

Well, brother, it ain't sticking. You are just a laughingstock and you don't even see it.

your loving friend,
Michael Meacher

Anonymous said...

boy oh boy after all you and your kinds namecalling there is still not one damn good reason why this project should be built and ruin the area. whatever bisno is paying you and "tom" is way too much. WHY does bob want to build this project? any idiot knows the real reason is 3/4 of a billion dollars profit! we dont need this density which will eventually just turn into a dump in the future like so many others. your arguments for buildimg this are a joke. you can piss and moan and attack the messenger all you want. it changes nothing. why can't you just face it that bob has acted like an ass from the start and made himself so easy to dislike, and by association, any thing he is attached to. you need to just get used the the reality that a hugh number of people think this project sucks are are going to fight it. stop making it only about people who live across the street. If you want this kind of density it's time you and "tom" go live in west l.a. or some other overdeveloped area. there's plenty of them out there. the housing market is in the toilet and anybody who wants a home or other dwelling can find plenty out there for sale. how can anyone have respect for someone like you with the tone you use and still have no argument.

Anonymous said...

by "we" i guess you must mean you, "tom" and bob. the only laughing stock is you and your non responsive answer why this should be built.

Anonymous said...

how does someone respond to such emotion filled tripe as this? grow up and get used to the fact that you just can't have your way. your mind won't even let itself entertain the possibility that the vast majority of people in san pedro don't want this. it's just those greedy rpv people. how sad.
maybe bob can find you and "TOM" a unit in his other building that he threw his last group of seniors out

Anonymous said...

the only laughing stocks around here are people like you and tom. talk about delusional. political boundries splitting western have nothing to do with the impact this joke of a development will have.

M Richards said...

I sure hope all four of the previous comments by "anonymous" were directed at M.M's comments.

This blog has comments from Mickey and try's it best to leave them up.

His buddy Tom would surely have moderated (censored) comments that were as "creative" on Tom's blog as they are on mine.

Mickey gets huffy when I write my posts with even the slighest of condemnation towards any individua., yet he fills all of his comments with attacks, and condemnation for me and the folks who support R1.

Now having heard all of the comments made Mike at the CAC meetings I have attended, OOPS!!
I forgot, MM hasn't had the nerve to get up in public at any of those meetings to share with us his "brilliance".

Now about my changing proposals and illustrations of other ideas, Mikey, that is call "looking for a compromise". I wrote it that way to help you learn how to spell.

I don't care if any or all the listings are "separate" MM, they were found on different sites. I could have gone on and on with the names of so many more Web sites I found listing homes for sale in San Pedro, but why bother? If you can't get my point, probably your P.H.D. was harder to come by, then mine. The last sentence considers that MM actually graduated high school in the first place.

You know, now that I think of it, I have never seen "Tom Field" and "Michael Meacher" in the same place, at the same time. Could Mickey and Tommy, be one in the same being? How many aliases would Tom or Mike use? I use M. Richards, Sven, Nels, and Gus, but I have stated those names as aliases I use a number of times.

Also Mike, if you read this blog correctly, you would know about the members of the R.P.V. City Council and their take on the Ponte Vista issue. You would also have read about the very critical comments by our city's engineers concerning the DEIR. Your lack of knowledge about the city fathers of R.P.V. and their take on Ponte Vista also shows you lack of intelligence and carelessness at even attempting to understand many of the issues surround Ponte Vista.

Now how come Mickey, nobody seems to have been able to read what you would like to see at the site? Could it be that whatever Bob wants if fine by you? You probably were a big supporter of Bob's 2300 plan. What excuse are we going to find you using when Bob reveals a smaller total number of units?

Another thing Mickey seems to be ignorant of is that there are quite a number of folks who visit this site that do not support R1 at all. How do I know this? I happen to know that this blog is always monitored by folks working for Bob. You know what? Could Mickey be correct? Could some folks, working for Bob and reading this blog, be people who "secretly" wish for R1 in the first place? No, not necessarily true, MM, I do know one worker for Bob who just bought a condominium. Oh-oh, it looks like that employee couldn't wait for whatever Bob want to be built, to move into Ponte Vista.

That person may just wait for their "dream" condo to be built at Ponte Vista, move into it, and rent out the condo they just bought.

Mickey, above is just one more example of why there must be zero condominiums built at Ponte Vista, but you probably didn't think of that.

Mike, you are funny in some ways and your thoughts about my going back to work would be wonderful, if I could. Probably you don't have the emotional capacity to understand when someone is in constant pain and uses only enough prescribed medication to deal with the pain, they would not be at their best while working in potentially dangerous environments.

We don't know what employment you have/had, so you may have gone to work in an unsafe condition and could have actually been dangerous to yourself or others. How smart would that have been, Mike?

MM, if you have an E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) high enough to read the entire blog, you would have learned more than you seem to know now and that I am not constantly complaining about everything concerning the Ponte Vista.

Your I.Q. most certainly be higher than your E.Q. and that is just a shame. Your I.Q. doesn't seem to be very high at all.

Anonymous said...

you are correct that the comments were not directed at you. it's just getting harder and harder to not stoop to their level, whoever these people really are.

michael.meacher said...

Oh! Now the profit is up to 3/4 billion dollars? Using whose numbers? Mark Wells'? Of course he used a home price which hasn't even been published yet and a number of units assuming all the units would be the same price. Now there is a fine statistical basis on which to calculate things!

Only the lunatic fringe swallow such BS whole.


your loving friend,
Michael Meacher

Anonymous said...

you know, come to think of it, there are quite a few similarities
in the writing "style" of these two. imbicilic. attacking a messenger is the best "they?" can do. frankly, maybe it's time you started to consider moderation on comments when they are nothing but attacks with no point. reading "them" is getting boring. bob and his project can go to hell.

M Richards said...


Published within all the stuff the DEIR and Bob puts out are these little gems for a project containing Bob's original plans.

2,300 Units
Average price of units is $712,500.
Cost of the land 122 Million,
Cost of all construction of the development,
817 million dollars.

Now Mickey, have someone show you how to use a calculator.

The person who wrote "3/4" of a billion dollars profit is off, and I admit that.

However $699,750,000, the difference between ALL of the costs Bob published and the income he projected for the sale of all 2,300 units with the average price is what it is. You cant get away from a staggering amount of profit at the cost of so many people in OUR community, and running your mouth and fingers across a keyboard won't get you anywhere neat a finish line that had the entire field cross over before you even had the line in sight.

mellonhead said...

The attack is on! Check out a letter to the Editor of the DB in the online Sunday paper. The letter doesn't mention Ponte Vista but was signed by Suzanne N. Dominguez of San Pedro. One line she said was: "Please Janice, have the same strength of character your father had. Don't isolate yourself by listening only to the outrageous few, many of whom can't vote for you. Do not become one of the increasing lot of politicians who hide behind committees or councils to dodge taking a stance." I guess she read Marconi's column on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

is she related to Louis Dominguez?

Anonymous said...

Married to him and a good friend of Mark Wells wife. The two ladies disagree on Ponte Vista plans.

M Richards said...

Howdy Mellonhead,

Your brilliance is only overshadowed by your common sense.

Many of us know who Ms. Dominguez is, and as the wife of a co-president of at least one of Bob's advisory boards, we know that she will defend her and her husband's position, no matter what.

I can't and won't criticize her for her position.

I would, however, direct every ones attention to the little fact that a bunch of nobodys like me and over 7,900 other "ranting elitists" who are only a part of a "lunatic frindge" have as much as we do and that this strength and influence is growing.

If Ms. Hahn chooses to listen to Bob and his supporters, then we will have to deal with that as it may come. (see, up to now I haven't even mentioned ballot box in this comment)

Whether this growing movement of real people can save the current zoning at Ponte Vista is not truly known yet. Whether the supporters get their wish for a 2,300-unit development is already known.

No matter what Bob comes up with, it most probably will not be keeping the current zoning at Ponte Vista as it currently is, "does that help you, Chuck?"

What Bob's new proposal can be is whatever he wants.

As so many supporters believe that change is for the better, I can agree on one issue concerning change; If Ms. Hahn actually changes the way former politicians worked, and actually demanded that Ponte Vista stay with its current zoning, that is the kind of change that I would approve of and not feeling that Ms. Hahn should do like her father did, just because she is his daughter.

Changing from the old political ways to some new strategies is something to be commended, I feel. Look at is what is happening in Jack Weiss' district. He didn't get that it was time to think differently and now he has to fight to keep his job.

Are the supporters of Bob Bisno' plans, whatever they are, ready to call for a recall of Ms. Hahn if she demands that the current zoning remain? Are they willing to put whatever reputations they think they have, AGAIN, behind someone like Bob Bisno.

We have many thousands of reasons, as far as the 15th district goes to suggest to them to keep only the mortgages that gave to Bob, and not lose any more influence that have already lost, supporting such an unworthy fellow and his over crowding plans.

Anonymous said...

Not only are there plenty of listings in San Pedro, but there are alot of listings with older listing dates. If the housing demand in San Pedro was so great, these properties wouldn't sit on the market so long. The housing market has been slowing down for a while.

Anonymous said...

I just received an email forwarded to me which contained the actual language of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council supporting the Ponte Vista project and the statement issued by Sue Castillo, the Chairperson of the Land Use Planning Committee, which was issued to Elise Swanson with Bisno Development to clarify the Central Council's stance on the Resolution and the development project.

This sure reads like an endorsement to me.

for the full text go to:

michael.meacher said...

Mr. Wells,

Exactly where in the DEIR are the numbers for sales price of an "average" unit?

Please enlighten this poor, lonely soul who won't even be able to cross the finish line.

I could not find it and I am lost. Perhaps it is because it is not in the DEIR? Maybe just more of your grabbing numbers out of thin air?

Please help.

Your friend,

M Richards said...

Okay, get your DEIR out.


Technical Appendices, volume II

Appendix IV.F-1
Project Fiscal Analysis

III: Economic Impacts in the Los Angeles Economy

D. Economic Impacts of the completed project.

Page 23 of 73

Second sentence.

Thanks for reminding me where I had read it.