Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why Bother?

I write this blog. The other writes the other blog. You read this blog. You may read the other blog. Why bother?

There are many reasons we all bother to read, write, and write to these blogs. Probably the most important "bother" is the bother created by an out of town developer suggesting he knows what is best for OUR community. It will probably become evident why we bother to fill up the main ballroom of the Crowne Plaze Hotel, Monday evening when Bob's reveals his "new" plans to folks other than Janice Hahn, who has already been bothered with this "new" plan.

We "bother" because it seems to be that the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project is the most divisive issue to split OUR community apart in a very, very long time. The bother of having to deal with such a huge issue that pits friends and community members against each other, is not healthy for OUR community, and has created bothersome wounds that may not heal quickly.

Bob has bothered us, with taking about ten months to bother himself with revealing plans he could have made, or perhaps did make, many months ago.

Many supporters were bothered by his original plans such as some of them still have to hide their true identity, lest they be bothered by other supporters.

I again thank two supporters who bothered to share their thoughts about compromise months ago, yet Bob did not bother to listen to them, then.

You bother to read this blog because you feel I can provide many true facts and offer opinions that you can use and make judgements on your own.

Many of you bother to write your opinions and share you facts with comments and contributed posts, and I appreciate that.

Some of you view and write to this blog because you are a supporter of Bob and think this blog is bad for OUR community.

One individual is so bothered with this blog that another blog was started. I am sure that blog bothers the person who created it, for just feeling like he had to create it. Sometimes though, he is too bothered with little things like the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and affords himself the right of moderation (censorship) when he is bothered by folks who question and attack his positions.

Many of the readers of this blog are extremely bothered by the prospects of over development in northwest San Pedro and the rest of OUR community. Having to be threatened by ridiculous traffic problems, parking issues, limited emergency egress, quality of life issues, infrastructure problems, and a host of other issues, bothers so many people.

I think we bother because we really care about ourselves, our families, and our environment. We bother to read and write because we need to protect what we need, and not what someone else tries to tell us we need to provide to others.

We bother because we feel nobody else will bother to believe what we believe and fight for us. We bother because some of us feel we can find ways to bother those who we feel are not listening or learning what we want to tell them.

We bother because if we don't, OUR community might look to much like the west side of L.A. and parts of Santa Monica. We bother because San Pedro is San Pedro, different is so many ways.

Keeping over development from growing in OUR community, we all need to bother our leaders and others with our opinions and facts, to demonstrate to all of them that enough is enough and sometimes more is not better.

You bother because you care.

Why bother? Because we have to.


Anonymous said...

I don't live in San Pedro. I live in Rancho Palos Verdes.

I think what they are doing to San Pedro is horrid. If they do feel that developing this is a step in the right direction I feel that the buildings should be limited to two stories like Santa Barbara.

I was walking down the street that the lofts are on and all of a sudden the sun disappeared when just seconds ago I was walking in it. The three or more stories are a blight for San Pedro. Can't anyone think about anything but stuffing their pockets with dollars to the detriment of others?

I immediate went to the Chamber of Commerce and asked them for a comment card so that I could fill it out. I don't know if anyone read it or not. They could have tossed it in the trash for all I know.

Anonymous said...

This is to let you know that my family does NOT support Ponte Vista.

We have been following the politics of this mess from the beginning. I remember when it was announced as to how much Bisno had paid for the land. I turned to my husband and said there is NO way there is going to be "single family dwellings" in the way that it is proposed. The only way he could make his money back was to either change the zoning or charge a huge amount for the condos or houses. I also told him I figured Bisno had someone on the city in his pocket, otherwise he would not have spent so much money for the land; he probably knew something we all didn't know.

Maybe he thought we would roll over and accept more dense population growth stuffed down our throats. Maybe he thought he could get away with something without anyone noticing. Maybe he did (or does) have someone in his pocket.

We live in the Avenida Aprenda neighborhood across from the proposed new development. Already we have to fight to get in and out of our neighborhood as hordes of people bring their kids in/out of the LA City schools in the morning AND the afternoon.

We already had one new condo complex squeeze its way into the area, without much notice.

We do NOT want a high school or a high occupancy development cramped into an area that is already congested. We do NOT want to have to worry about more LA City traffic using our neighborhood as a thoroughfare or a parking area. We do NOT want to worry about increased crime in our neighborhood (as children aged 14-18) are in the highest group for committing crime. We do NOT want to worry about increased trash thrown on our streets. We do NOT want to fight even more to get to/from my home as I go about my business.

Why not have all the traffic leaving the neighborhood flow onto Gaffey. There isn't nearly as much congestion there? Why not find a less congested, larger, less expensive place to put a high school. Having Loyola Marymont, Rolling Hills Prep, Dodson, a proposed Catholic school and another new High School is more than one neighborhood should have to bear.

Since my taxes are being continuously spent on these LA City Schools (and I live in RPV), I certainly would expect you to find a LESS expensive location for a school that is less likely to cause consternation to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Do not let Bisno think that everyone supports his development plan. Thousands of us do NOT. We certainly do not support the idea of a new high school.

We bought in a residential neighborhood, where people take care of their yards and are able to get out and about and talk to one another. We know each other by name or by face. We wave to each other as we pass by. We take care of each other's yards and houses and animals. We watch each other's kids. We do NOT want our way of life changed as LA City gradually moves a quiet neighborhood into an overpopulated cement city, much like the rest of the city has become.