Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why Trust the Developer?

For the life of me I just can't figure out why so many folks support and trust Bob Bisno and his Ponte Vista at San Pedro Development.

I can't imagine so many members of OUR community trusting this developer and not caring about his past, what he has claimed during the processes, and what he may do in the future.

Have many supporters decided to overlook some very questionable dealings involving Bob Bisno in other projects? What makes this developer someone so many folks fall lock-step behind.

What do supporters of Bob's really know about him and some of his dealings?

Have they looked at his High School transcripts?
Do they know what Bob did in Berkeley?
Have they examined the problems Bob caused at Lincoln Place in Santa Monica?
Don't they care that he has made factual misstatements about the Ponte Vista project, both with the survey and in other writings?
Don't they care he has promised breakdowns in writing but has not delivered what he has promised?
Do supporters really believe Bob will still use union workers if he is not allowed to build the number of units he currently wants to build?
Why are so many "real San Pedrans" not even skeptical about Bob's past and what he may do to San Pedro?
Don't supporters of his want to know the kind of person he really is?

Too many of Bob's supporters seem to have a blind eye when it comes to learning some real facts about the project and the developer, it seems to me.

There have been many individuals throughout history that seem to get support from folks who didn't take the time or effort to really learn about the people they were falling into line with. There have been some very, very bad outcomes in some of those cases.

I wish more folks were cautious about placing the future of San Pedro behind someone they choose not to really get to know. There have been some supporters of Bob's who have asked me to identify him at the start of CAC meetings. Shouldn't supporters want to know who they are staking some of their reputations behind.

When Bob showed all those names on the screen at the last CAC meeting, he was showing names of individuals who will probably need to come up with some excuse for supporting Bob if the project turns out to be a detriment to OUR Community.

There are some individuals within the community who seem to have placed their reputations into the hands of Bob Bisno. So far it seems, they have fallen behind a developer who thinks he knows more about San Pedro than they do. This is demonstrated by Bob's two proposals, both of which are for too many units, as many people, including many supporters, correctly believe.

Did supporters of Bob's know that he got into some hot water with his neighbors in Beverly Park because of some of the things on his property did not follow the CC&R rules set forth for all residents? If Bob can make trouble on his own property, what might he do for land he will try to develop and then abandon, once he gets what he wants?

I thought real San Pedrans were more intelligent than to follow someone and stake their future on someone they don't really know or want to know. I think that if you look up "Robert Bisno", "Robert H. Bisno", "Bob Bisno", or "Lincoln Place Santa Monica" on, you might get a better picture of the real Bob Bisno. There are sites that are both critical and supportive of Bob, so I am writing up front that not all of the sites are critical.

Folks should get to know the developer they are pinning their hopes, dreams, and futures on.

OUR community cannot afford any Monday Morning Quarterbacks on the Ponte Vista issue. We only have one chance to get it right, and I am not trusting the Quarterback on the supporting team, at all.

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Barbara said...

Do not under any circumstances believe what Robert Bisno is claiming that he will do for seniors, low-income, or 'workforce' tenants. His only concern is to sell condos to upper income buyers and then go back to Berkeley and search for other 'underdeveloped' properties to destroy. He does not care in the least about the impact such a huge project would have the surrounding neighborhoods or the traffic or other types of pollution it would accelerate.

He is not a caring and wonderful person who is looking to help the underpriviledged. He is the cause of almost 800 empty apartments being held empty and the happy tenants forced out to join the other multitudes of homeless who are sleeping on the beach and other public places because they cannot affort the over inflated rents in Venice.

Call and write to Janice Hahn and the other Councilmembers. Let them know that you are not asleep at the wheel and you know what they are up to.

Fight this man with every ounce of your being.