Monday, June 18, 2007

Howdy Bisno Supporters!

Howdy to all of you who supported or continue to support Bob Bisno's plans for Ponte Vista.

Do you have that stinging feeling in your back as if somebody has stabbed you?
Do you have a sticky feeling on your cheek as if somebody smashed a half of a grapefruit on the side of your face?
Do you have a sinking feeling because Bob has once again, let you down?

I don't blame you for feeling like you got kicked in the stomach last night by a developer who just won't listen to so many of you and can't seem to crack is addiction to greed.

1,950 total units might just spell the demise of having any Senior Housing units built at Ponte Vista. Couldn't any of you get Bob to understand that? Up until May 29, 2007 I wished for 700 Senior Housing units at Ponte Vista, but Bob's new totals look to be just too many for the site.

I must fight hard to keep Ponte Vista with its current zoning as long as we are all facing a developer who refuses to understand not only his opponents, but also, to many of his supporters. I can't trust Bob and I don't know how any of you can still trust Bob.

One of Bob's supporters was visibly crying to Ms. Hahn last night. I think he is almost desperate for Senior Housing, but with 1,950 total units, and only a 350-unit reduction from 2,300, I don't understand why we should continue to deal with Bob's charade.

You don't have to dive off of the bandwagon though. I think there is an opportunity forthcoming to simply change bandwagons.

Have you ever considered "San Pedro needs to be C.U.R.D.? C.U.R.D. stands for Citizens United for Reasonable Development. Perhaps some of you Bisno supporters might want to consider creating a group like that. It would come up with its own proposals for the Ponte Vista project and have no affiliation with anyone at Bisno Development Co.

I would not think that would stop our quest to keep the current zoning at Ponte Vista, but you might find some like minded folks to help you.

John Greenwood, the Chair of the CAC had a drawing of approximately a 853-unit Ponte Vista site that he says would have the same traffic impact as R1. Perhaps that is a model that you might want to look at.

I have never been the strongest of R1 supporters. I only crossed over on May 29, 2007 and just about everybody knows that and needs to live with that. I am not ready to abandon the fight to keep Ponte Vista with its current zoning because I don't trust Bob and his 1,950-unit plan is so completely bad for all of us that I will not consider at this time of being C.U.R.D.

But a new group is one way to signal to Bob that he still doesn't get it and that you no longer have to follow someone who won't even listen to many of his own supporters.

How can supporters come anywhere close to justifying continuing to support Bob with only a 350-unit reduction in total number of units. All the new and upgraded amenities can get beyond the 15% fewer number of units. Increasing senior drivers on Western by 150 more units that I was considering, smacks of a developer who won't consider safety over greed.

I feel the supporters' ship is listing badly and there are lifeboats available to get onto a brand new ship that may want to float all by itself. Why stick to a sinking ship with a very troubled Captain, when you can find yourself a competent Captain on your own new ship.

Supporters, you got had from the beginning it appears, by a slick developer that wants to change the very nature of your town and OUR community. I don't want you to have to look back on a Monday morning and lament on what you supported the week prior.

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