Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dining at The Green Onion Monday Evening?

Did you get an invitation to dine at the Green Onion courtesy of Bob Bisno on Monday June 18, 2007, just before the CAC meeting?

I didn't. But the wife of an R1 supporter got an invitation to have dinner for free prior to attending the CAC meeting.

Seeing all those "new" faces at several CAC meetings and knowing Bob wasn't providing dinner at the hotel got me suspecting that he was "inviting" folks to have a free dinner on him prior to sitting down for at least a portion of the CAC meeting. When I wrote that many of Bob's "supporters" did not stay for the entire meeting, and looked like they had no clue of what they were attending, at the CAC meeting, made me suspect that he was providing something for free to folks who were "encouraged" to attend the CAC meetings.

So Monday evening, if you want to find some of Bob's "supporters", all you need to do is visit the Green Onion, just a short walk from the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and watch all the folks get their "free" meal, coincidentally, just before the CAC meeting.

"Paying" petition gatherers or supporters, it's just money to Bob.

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mollie said...

Does anyone remember sometime in the late 80s or early 90s when there was a rush to build condos all over San Pedro to beat the R-1 status? Then, as today, we were told it would help the middle class buy homes here. The result was that many were left unsold or unrented resulting in a huge number going Section 8. Is there any reason that won't happen with Ponte Vista?

If they do build condos, they need to leave way, way more land for bike paths, walking and play areas than Bisno has planned. Like Irvine.