Monday, May 21, 2007

Ann's Newest Comment

Ann is a resident of R.P.V and lives directly across the street from existing housing in San Pedro. She is one of the many volunteers working with R Neighborhoods Are 1 and I am posting an Email comment she made to me.

Here it is:

"Please tell everyone to download a couple of pages of petitions and keep it with them at all times. I sat in a hair dresser-Supercuts and collected one full page of signatures while waiting for my daughter to get her hair cut."

(The easiest way to download copies of the petition is to go visit

"I went to the Post Office on Western Friday afternoon and collected 2 pages of signatures. Almost everyone there wanted to sign especially after fighting traffic with one lane closed. Friday afternoon, and Bisno Property isn't even developed yet, and we have traffic delays due to maintenance/road work. Pretty good for just standing in line somewhere."

This is exactly what I would like to see grow on this blog. I don't need to prop up the R1 group any longer, by postings I create on my own. The group's members, along with anyone else is encouraged to provide this blog with original posts and comments that can be used to support the group and what they are calling for.

I would like to engage folks with other posts and comments, not necessarily pertaining to the R1 group.

One note about the petition-gathering work some of the members of the R1 group are involved with, includes setting up a table at a local market or store and attempting to collect signatures of the lowering numbers of folks within OUR community who have not already signed the R1 petition. Yesterday, nine individuals on a ten signature petition, walked up to the table that was set up outside of Trader Joe's and without any comment from the petition gatherer, picked up a pen and filled out their own lines. Some of them were asked to take a button and/or a sticker because the fellow sitting by the table (me) felt almost embarrassed that it is becoming so easy to collect petitions, and I wanted to at least provide buttons to make it look like I supplied some effort in getting their signatures.

I still have not signed the R1 petition, but I do assist anyone who favors keeping Ponte Vista with the current zoning it has, all the reasons they want to have them make their own decision whether they sign the petition or not. Gabriel Rivas and the many others who gather petition signatures are very polite and we all say "Thank you" whether somebody signs the petition or at least gives any of us a few seconds of their time to listen to us.

Tom Field seems to have some pretty nasty folks making comments on his blog. He has had to turn his moderation (censorship) on and off several times. None of us may agree with anything Tom writes, but we need to be a bit more courteous to folks who create a blog we don't agree with. R1 supporters are better than that. Mr. Field has had a few hecklers who do not wish to have decent discussions, he believes, and that hurts all of us who are trying to persuade Tom that he would be better off coming away from "The Dark Side" (folks who wants a large Ponte Vista development) and into the brilliant, shining, gleaming light of getting Bob Bisno off his high horse and into some realistic view of the site he bought.

I enjoy "debating" Tom Field, even though I have no clue who he/she or even they really are. Whoever is writing that blog wants to continue to provide some sorts of reasoning why a large development is better than keeping the current zoning at Ponte Vista. It is up to me and the rest of the reasonable folks in the R1/lower sized development to work on Tom and bring him over to our side using reasonable, realistic, responsible and respectful arguments.

I do want to commend "Tom's" blog for adopting the Initial Study's projected number of residents to be 7,343 before Tom adjusted his proposal to reflect his estimate of 5,517 residents. It is still WAY, WAY to high in my opinion, but I give him credit for acknowledging that Bob's DEIR count of a projected population of 4,313, it just not probable.

Now if I can just get Tom off of his proposal for some number other than ZERO (I know it's a place holder) as far as non-age restricted housing other than single-family, detached housing, I would be very happy. How about it, Tom?


Anonymous said...

One of the "Tom" hecklers here. He needs to grow a thicker skin. I said his thinking was "delusional" regarding his claim that there were only 6 condos available for sale in San Pedro and he went off the deep end and started deleting everything and flipping on the moderation panic button. He's actually pretty fun to mess with.

Anonymous said...

tom is a non-existent human. he is an appendage of bisno devlopment.