Friday, May 25, 2007

Odds and Ends 14

I guess we have entered a period of time between Bob's current plan and the one he is going to present on June 18th.

My feelings about what Bob MAY come up with is an enlarged Senior Housing section and some varying types of non-age restricted condominiums, with a total unit count of between 1,200 and 1,700. He may even throw in some single-family, detached "Patio" or "Courtyard" styled condominium housing. Single-family homes, in some cases also fall within the "condominium" guidelines. Two such examples of these types of homes are "The Cape" and "The Enclave", both in San Pedro.

Trivia time:

Before Miraleste Canyon Estates came into being, The Laurel Tree Apartments were made up of the same buildings that became condominiums. The Hacienda Hotel and Golf Course occupied the site from the early 1960's until it was torn down to make way for the apartments.

A local woman won $100.00 in a naming contest for The Hacienda Hotel and that was a lot of money back in those days, especially for the playmates of the woman's son, Jimmy Cochran.

Terri wants me to remind everyone of what Janice Hahn was quoted as saying in yesterday's Daily Breeze article by Donna Littlejohn, concerning Bob's new plans.

"So far I have not been persuaded to change the zoning from R-1." Janice Hahn made that statement on Wednesday in the article.

Nothing has been written as comments so far to my thoughts about an all-Senior and/or assisted living Ponte Vista. I have been in "conversations" via Emails about the thought, and have found little interest in the idea. I just threw it out there to see what folks might consider and viewing their apathy and reading Emails suggest to me that the thought will always remain a thought. Thank Tom, for planting the seed, but it looks like there isn't enough fertilizer and water to get the thing to sprout.

In this lull period, we all get more chances to suggest what should be built at Ponte Vista. Whether you wish to create a post for this blog, comment on existing posts, write your opinion as a letter to the editor of a newspaper, or join with R Neighborhoods Are 1 at their next two meetings, every voice has another chance to be heard before we all get to review Bob's new plans.

In Thursday's Breeze article, by Donna Littlejohn, she mentioned "competing blogs". If she is referring to this blog and Tom Field's blog, I think she misunderstands. It is true that the first few days Tom had his blog running, I had problems with its name and some other issues I don't want to get back into, but I have been a constant commenter on his blog and I find it interesting and informational as well.

Tom writes his posts the way he wants to, just like I do, and we both continue to comment on each other's blog. Tom brings up interesting issues to debate and discuss and we both agree to disagree on many things, but I don't think our blogs are "competing" with each other. I think it is more correct to think they complement each other by providing everyone with different sources of information in different ways and sometimes we both agree on things.

Tom's current proposal for 1,700 units, with 700 Senior Housing units and 1,000 non-age restricted units might be just about exactly what Bob will propose, perhaps. I would continue to contend that Tom's current proposal for having any non-age restricted condominiums would be calling for too much, but he and I do seem to agree on the number of Senior Housing units, at this time.

I will be writing posts during this lull time that will hopefully continue the debate of what should be built at Ponte Vista, and why. I hope you all join in the debate and the discussion.

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