Tuesday, May 22, 2007

!!!!!!!! FINALLY !!!!!!!!

At tonight's CAC meeting, Bob Bisno addressed the members of the committee and members of the audience and told everyone that on June 18, 2007 he and his development company will unveil a new proposal for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro development.

If you are cynical, who might contend that he is going to give us all what his original plans were and he was trying to get his much larger development approved of, if folks would have allowed him to do so.

At this point I am too tired and my hips hurt to much to really question why is in revealing his new proposal just before he jets off to Europe, but I think I have some suspicions as to why he is coming forward with a new set of proposals.

During the CAC's meeting tonight, the members began discussing density and many of the ten members out of the thirteen members present at the meeting gave their early impressions on how they were leaning.

Unfortunately, there are too many members of the CAC who are leaning towards a development that would include non-age restricted condos, duplexes, row houses or other shared walled housing. This must not be allowed to be considered, at this point, in my opinion.

condos become rentals at too high of a percentage to guarantee any and all predictions that any DEIR for owner-occupied units would have in print. There should be NO COMPROMISE on this particular matter no matter what Bob proposes on June 18.

Community members who demand R1 for the entire complex should continue all of their efforts by protesting, gathering R1 petition signatures and anything and everything else that is needed to get through to Councilwoman Janice Hahn that, if Bob Bisno makes any new proposal for any type, size or numbers of owner-occupied condo, town houses, row houses, duplexes, or any other shared wall structures, she must tell Bob that those types of non-age restricted units are off the table as soon as they are revealed.

Lucie Thorsen, the CAC member from the Rolling Hills Riviera area of Rancho Palos Verdes has stated that she will only call for R1, keeping the current zoning as it is for the property. She represents the closest single-family homeowners to anything that will be built at Ponte Vista, and she represents a community that also includes Palo de Encino. The folks who live in the two neighborhoods have overwhelmingly come out opposed to Bob's current plans and demanding, in the strongest terms possible, that the current zoning at Ponte Vista remains.

Elise Swanson read a statement from Central San Pedro neighborhood Council stating that they opposed keeping the Ponte Vista site with its current zoning. I guess all the building in their area is not good enough for them, so they want to force the rest of San Pedro to suffer the consequences of their approvals of so many condo projects. Way to go to try and bring San Pedro back together, Central S.P.N.C.!

If Bob really had a change of heart and not kept his soon-to-be-released proposal hidden until now, then there are a whole bunch of folks that I am going to have to thank. I will start doing that after we all find out what the new proposals are and whether we need to fight them, which we probably will. If OUR community really had a hand in getting Bob to change his current plans, that says a whole lot about the spirit of OUR community and what we can do if we are faced with a problem too many folks seem to think is unsolvable. We'll see.


Just4fin said...

Well, my answer to the density problem and infrastructure overload is still R-1. I think assisted senior housing is a fine idea, but not if it exacerbates problem.

The idea is not to building housing at the expense of people already living here.

From a cynical persepctive, I am sure Bob's new plan will be only be a scaled down (slightly) version of the original.

R Neighborhoods Are 1 is on the march again Thursday, May 24th at 7AM with a demonstration at the Ponte Vista site. Come join in, wave a placard and help make a statement; R-1 No Compromise.

See www.rneighborhoodsare1.org for more info on everything pro R-1 at Ponte Vista and don't forget the next R-1 Supporter forum and workshop on June 4th at 7PM at Peck Park.

M Richards said...

Thanks just4fin, this is exactly the kind of comment that I am hoping to see more of from supporters of keeping the site, with its current zoning, no matter what Bob's new plans are.

If you believe as just4fin does, then you are strongly encouraged to continue to state: "R1 NO COMPROMISE!"