Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another Go at Traffic

Six months ago, to this very day, Bob Bisno's Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was released to the public.

Since then, countless hours have been spent dealing with that huge document and all of its parts. One of the most contentious sections concerning the DEIR was the Traffic and Transportation Section.

I have no idea how many hours, dollars, pieces of paper, Emails, letters, arguments, debates, and discussions about this section have been dealt with, because the traffic issue surrounding the Ponte Vista development is so fractious.

To me, as important it is to so many folks, I am willing to use the numbers generated in the DEIR and other documents supported by Bob Bisno, concerning his views on the traffic issues.

I can make an extremely good case, just by using his numbers and other facts now known about the installation of mitigation, to provide anyone with enough information to be against Bob's current plans.

It still seems the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is having troubles with Bob's numbers. It is also apparent that other community members still question the validity of Bob's numbers. I think it is all now becoming a circular argument that nobody wins.

9,212 added vehicle trips on Western Avenue every day because of Bob's current plans. Isn't that enough information for you to think Bob's current plans should not be approved?

All emergency vehicles traveling in to or out of Ponte Vista will have to use at least a portion of Western Avenue. the closest Paramedic Squad for the Eastview area of Rancho Palos Verdes must pass the Ponte Vista site, along Western to get to R.P.V. residents living near Western.

Every single vehicle entering or exiting Ponte Vista will be required to use at least a portion of Western Avenue.

All the facts, except for the 9,212 added vehicle trips on Western Avenue, even if only R1 remains at Ponte Vista. Would you want the 9,212, or the lesser number that a development of 429 single-family dwellings would bring?

Whether you like it or not. Whether you believe it or not, I think Bob's own numbers are far too high for OUR community to deal with. It doesn't take some one's prediction that traffic might actually be 50% worse, to tell me that Bob's numbers, themselves, disqualifies Bob's current plans from being approved.

I already know the answer to: What if Bob Bisno's numbers are correct? The answer to me and I hope to you is that those answers make the development unworthy of being approved.

Bob's current plans include a Senior Housing section on the northern side of his property. That area and its segregated entrance and exit would be the northernmost residential access in San Pedro. In an evacuation, or some other disaster, the seniors still alive in that section would have the easiest escape route along Western and the rest of us would probably be behind these older, less competent drivers. I'm not making this stuff up, folks. Look at Bob's drawings.

Bob's documents and the consequences of their approval, make all the arguments needed, for all of us opposing such a large development.

The "community benefits" he may build would be far outweighed by OUR community's suffering if those plans are approved.

We will all "pay" in some way or another if Bob is allowed to build Ponte Vista according to his current plans. It may not be in actual dollars, but it might be in time lost in traffic, time spent trying to escape behind elderly drivers, aggravation at the increased traffic that would not be as bad if only 429 units were built at Ponte Vista.

Bob Bisno not only paid for all the information necessary to call for keeping the site with its current zoning, he is also paying to try to influence even more folks to support his current plans which seem way too big for a growing number of members of OUR community.

Come to the Supporters of R1 meeting on May 16, 2007 at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Auditorium at 7:00 PM. Let Bob's own facts prove to you that if you demand that Ponte Vista remain with its current zoning, then you should call once again for:



Anonymous said...

Bisno was also required by janice Hahn using here polling firm and showed and showed almost 2/3 support for the project. Gisno is also paying for the room, the food and the drink, all requested by janice Hahn, to hold the CAC where supporters and opponents are allowed to have their voices heard. How about when you write your blog you make sure to be fair and ballance or did you learn how to do that fro Fox News.

M Richards said...

Anonymous 9:23 PM,

Where are their any rules written where blogs have to be "fair and balanced"?

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that 2/3 of the folks surveyed and probably that same percentage in the general population feel something should be built at Ponte Vista.

I, along with everyone supporting R1 feel very strongly that a development should be built at Ponte Vista. The folks who have signed the R1 petition all want that something to be 429 beautiful, fully wonderful single-family detached houses.

You are correct that Bob pays lots of money for the meetings and all that go along with it. But, if you believe he is doing it out of the goodness of his heart, then you are very sadly mistaken.

Bob is seeking a zoning change at Ponte Vista to a specific plan zone. One of the requirements that he need to meet to get the specialized treatment by government entities to do this type of zoning, is to have much more input from the community, than other developers need to do in other types of zoning changes.

Bob gets to have city planners work directly with and for his project and he get special treatment with the processes he needs to use, for the type of zoning he is looking for.

Having a specific plan zone is in many way much more difficult to achieve than other types of zoning changes, but it can lead the developer toward getting his changes done faster and more streamlined than other methods.

Bob is paying exactly what it costs for him to use the specific plan concept and get his current plans approved.

If you are looking for "fair and balanced" I also suggest that you avoid looking at You will not find any writing opposing Bob's current plans on that site.

You are also welcome to start your own blog, it's free you know, and post anything you like. I don't believe you would be very "fair and balanced" because you don't need to be.