Saturday, May 19, 2007

A WHOPPER of a Rumor

As signatures were being collected today, outside Albertson's on Western at Westmont, one of the gatherers was told, by a person, that Janice Hahn had purchase a unit at a certain development on Western Avenue that is approximately 61.53 acres in size.

This rumor cannot possible be true! There is no living human on this planet, or orbiting above it, that could buy any unit at this particular location, at this time. No living human being in the universe could tell you what will actually be built at Mr. Bisno's site, not even Bob himself.

There has been no approval, to date, for any new residential construction at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Folks who are spreading the rumor are ignorant of the facts. This rumor is about as likely to be true as the one about a certain country's astronauts traveling to the Sun and not worrying that they will get burned, because they are traveling at night!

In other news, the folks at Ponte Vista have seemed to fall behind on their signature gathering, according to today's view of their site's number for folks who have signed their petition. They still claim 6,596 signatures.

As of last Wednesday, the folks at R Neighborhoods Are 1 were able to report over 6,800 signatures have bee gathered for their R1 petition. The group wants you to know that they will not stop, slow down, or rest until they get as many signatures on their petition as possible.

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