Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Turn on Pete's Place

Bob did it. So did Louis and Rachel. Bonnie and her friend did it as well.

Today it was my turn to be interviewed by Mr. Pete Manghera for his Pete's Place cable television show.

This month Pete is featuring me as the sole guest on his half-hour show. I should have only been on for 15 minutes, but the guest for the other 15-minute segment was a no-show and you all know that I can write and talk a whole lot about Ponte Vista, so Pete gave me both segments.

It didn't hurt that I have known Pete since we both studied to earn our P.H.D.s and it doesn't hurt he knows my brother-in-law, Phil Buono, too.

The show, which I am interviewed on is scheduled to run each Saturday in May at 6:30 PM on cable channel 33 in the San Pedro area that gets the broadcast. I live in R.P.V. so I hope somebody tapes it for me. Phil lives in the area where it is shown, I'll ask him to tape it.

I did my very best, when interviewed to use facts supported by either the Draft Environmental Impact Report and/or the Initial Study. I do not need to use facts other than what Bob Bisno has paid to document for me to very effectively illustrate why Bob's current plans are not compatible with OUR community.

If you hear me blurt out $699 Million Dollars as the profit, it is because that is the difference between what Mr. Bisno expects to sell 2300 condos with an average price of $712,500.00 each and what it will cost him to buy the land and build the project according to his plans. To be more accurate, the figure I used might be a tad high if you factor out commissions to Realtors and other such costs. Any way you look at it, the difference between all the costs and the income the sales of the units will generate, is quite awesome, and documented in the DEIR.

I think if supporters of Bob's current plans do a fact check on the show, they will not be able to find any fact that is not in the DEIR, as far as what is proposed for being at Ponte Vista.

So grab your popcorn, turn up the volume, and enjoy something that I haven't even seen yet.

That's Pete's Place, each Saturday in May. 6:30 PM on local cable channel 33 in certain areas.

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