Friday, May 04, 2007

Odds and Ends 11

Time sure seems to be flying by as this blog continues along its path to help find the best results for OUR community in terms of what should be built at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Yours truly can be viewed each Saturday evening in May on San Pedro Cox Communication's cable channel 33 at 6:30 P.M. on Pete's Place. I have no idea what percentage of available televisions will be tuned to that program, but a pretty good chuckle can be had by viewing the comedy duo of Pete and Mark. We both actually look like we think we know what we are talking about.

In the DEIR it states that there will be 9,212 more vehicle trips with a 2,300-unit project if Bob's current plans go through. The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Auditorium has a seating capacity of 287 seats. to get 9,212 folks to sit in all the seats at any one time at the auditorium, it would take an increase in seating capacity of just over 32 times the number of seats presently in the auditorium.

I mention the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Auditorium because it reminds us that the first group meeting of all the supporters of keeping the current zoning at Ponte Vista, is scheduled for Wednesday May 16, 2007 at 7:00 PM. I hope this reminder is friendly.

The next meeting of Janice Hahn's Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is scheduled for Thursday May 10, 2007 at 6:00 P.M. at San Pedro's Crowne Plaza Hotel. The CAC meeting following that one is scheduled for TUESDAY May 22, 2007, same time, same place. There have been meetings on days other than Thursdays, and this is just another one of those.

I have been informed that there will be some kind of family festivities at the Ponte Vista site, this weekend. You are encouraged to learn the spin provided by the folks at Bisno Development, and I bet you will be encouraged to print your name somewhere, or sign something. If you are sure you want to be listed as a supporter of Bob's current plans, perhaps you will alter your personal information. Imaginary individuals are always welcome to complete supporters' cards.
The festivities are apparently free and I was told there would be food and entertainment and fun provided. I might even drop by and be really nice to all the folks there.

In fairness to many of the supporters and personnell of Ponte Vista, they are all usually friendly and communicative even with folks they know oppose Bob's current plans. I know I am very critical of Bob's current plans, but that doesn't mean I am not willing to engage in pleasant conversation with my opponents. I think we can get our points accross fairly well be talking nicely but firmly and not backing down from our opinions.

Tomorrow's More San Pedro might be something fun to read through. It looks like my letter to the editor challenging Doug Epperhart's column from last Saturday will be printed. We all can debate and have differences and still be civil.

HOWEVER.... It appears that someone wrote a comment claiming to be someone else on this blog and that is not a good thing! I have the ability to hold all comments until I feel those comments should be published. I don't wish to have to begin editing comments from others. I continue to hope that folks who publish on this blog have some sense of correctness and don't stoop to lower levels than that have been taught to reach for.

Like the character said in the movie, Roadhouse, something to the effect that it is always best to be nice until it is time not to be nice. I try to stay nice, but sometimes I get ticked off at some of the poor comments on this blog and other blogs I read.

My heart still goes out to Eastview Little League, but my head is someplace else, when it comes to the very touchy issues. Good luck Eastview.

Turning 52-years old (yesterday) and having to use crutches, sucks.


michael.meacher said...

Mr. Wells,

That was my post and I stand by the facts.

First of all, Anonymous 9:45am asked "Geeze Meacher, can't we all get over the "let's be nice and civil" rhetoric? And "The R1 supporters are a bunch of hooligans" baloney? This truly is a battle..." Okay. Happy to oblige, let's get down to bare knuckles.

Second, if you would bother to do some true research into the City's own records you would see that the zoning placed on the Ponte Vista tract is completely fraught with errors. In addition to the duplex/R2 error I already mentioned, part of their OS "Open Space" zoning actually overlaps some of the existing housing on the project. Obviously someone wasn't paying attention.

Besides, R1 is the "default" zoning that is slapped on a property when the City doesn't know what else to do. Kind of like when your answering machine loses power and defaults back to that robotic "Please leave a message."

Beyond that, all you need to do is a little research and you can find that "the Shoestring" which included areas of Watts, Wilmington, Harbor City and pieces of other cities including the piece of Wilmington extending down to just past Summerland was annexed to the City of Los Angeles on December 26, 1906, Ordinance No. 13447 N.S.. The main body of San Pedro wan annexed August 28, 1909, Ordinance No. 18414 N.S.. Ask your buddy Doug Epperhart, he knows.

As for my spelling, I apologize. I was in a hurry and forgot to use my spell checker.

But on the subject of whether I can afford to buy a unit at Ponte Vista, you are way off-base and have no right or knowledge to comment on my financial situation. If you want to get personal about it, like I said above, we're down to bare knuckles; so please explain to our reading public how it is you are passing yourself off as a homeowner, when the house you live in is still owned by your mother. What's the problem, not enough money for a down payment on your own house?

Michael Meacher

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: If Janice Hahn approves anything close to what Bisno currently wants, it will mark the end of her political career. Unlike D.C. politicians, she has to live near and bump into the pesky voters in the grocery store. No amount of spin or expensive PR blitz will change this basic factor.

Anonymous said...

Ponte Vista has repeatedly offered Eastview a brand new permenent, not temporary, home on their property many times. It would be a shame to see kids go without a ball field because a few people were playing politics with the community.

Anonymous said...

Again with the Bisno offered Eastview a permanent home BS. Helloooooo. THERE WERE STRINGS ATTACHED to ultimately put money in ol Bobby's pocket and could ultimately lead to negative impacts our community for GENERATIONS to come. Trust me, the kids will find a place to play baseball. Not one of them will suffer. The Eastview families did the right thing by telling Bisno to kiss their a$$.

Anonymous said...

Of course Bisno supporters are friendly to the opposition ... they have to be. It is up to them to convince everyone that building one of the most dense projects in the area, during a time of severe water shortage and that will make Western Avenue a parking lot ... is a good idea.

Personally, I'd like to see how many people have requested "senior housing" for the area. Until Bisno came to town, no one ever mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

To: 1:45 a.m.


M Richards said...

Thank you Anonymous 8:43 AM for helping 1:45 PM understand.

When the old Tennis Club property was going to be developed back in 2000, there were plans drawn up for a 164-bed, assisted living center.

When those plans didn't proceed, the developers of Seaport Luxury Homes, after some time, bought the rights to the property and came up with the plans for their 136-unit condominium project that we are watching the construction of, at this time.

The were some zoning changes required to allow for the building of the current structure, but many of them were more technicial in nature and had no impact on the density issue, of the site. It was zoned commercial when the tennis club was there and the current major zoning is "C" for commercial development. That is one of the reasons "That MONSTER" seemed to slip through the cracks and get approval.