Monday, May 21, 2007

Zero is Best

There are at least twenty three condominiums for sale at the one of the largest condominium developments currently housing humans in San Pedro. If you visit the site below, you can choose which one of the twenty three condos currently listed on that site, might be one you would like to live in.

This development, along with the two developments pictured in a previous post are the three best reasons why there must be ZERO non-age restricted condos, town houses, row houses, duplexes, or any other type of units where at least two owners share a common wall, built at Ponte Vista.

There are also listings for units for sale on Capitol Drive, but I could only find a few at "The Gardens" listed for sale.

Whether or not there are lots of condos for sale in San Pedro doesn't alter the fact that absolutely no human living yesterday, today, or tomorrow can guarantee that condominium unit owners won't lease or rent their units out.
Why might this be important? Thanks for thinking that question. Bob Bisno and his group have published a Draft Environmental Impact Report stating that all of the units at his Ponte Vista at San Pedro development would be "owner-occupied" Every traffic calculation, table, forecast, prediction, as well as every other prediction related to the Ponte Vista project is based on the written assumption that each and every unit built at Ponte Vista would be occupied by the owner and there would be zero units lived in by renters and lease holders.

In a perfect utopian world of owner-occupied condominium developers, no units would be rented or leased out. Unfortunately for those who build them and fly away, there is absolutley no proof that this scenario exists in real life, especially in OUR community.

Having even a small percentage of rental units in an otherwise owner-occupied complex, changes every trip generation fact or prediction. It also changes the overall population forecast as well as the student generation projection.

Since Bob or anyone else can't guarantee that there won't be any rental units, or leased out units at Ponte Vista, we must simply not allow him to build any of these types of units, in the first place.

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