Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What Do YOU Think Bob's New Proposal Will Look Like?

Here is your chance to weigh in and become a member of the "What the heck is Bob's new proposal going to look like?" club.

I think we have all been given two clues we can start our guessing with: There will probably be more than 575 Senior Housing units proposed, with a side clue that they will probably be in a gated and guarded portion of the development.

Another clue is that there will probably be to fewer number of total units.

Bob MAY bow to pressure to have the non-age restricted portion of the site left as open/public access. It is something many folks think is important.

So with those two big clues, what do you think Bob's new proposal will look like.

Oh, and another big clue, well actually is a really, really big clue: "There will be no single-family housing at Ponte Vista! Does that help you, Chuck?" This is what Bob said, somewhat loudly at a CAC meeting to one of its members.

But Bob MAY include some "Patio" style single-family condominiums that do not share walls with other units. This may be to get Janice Hahn and the CAC to allow for a compromise and to silence some members of the R1 "riff-raff."

Might Bob change is vision of retail space at Ponte Vista?

To start this "game" of wondering what Bob may make as his proposal, I will give you my example of what I imagine Bob MIGHT do. I have absolutely no knowledge of what his new proposal might be, but you get to guess, I get to guess, and we all get to guess. Isn't this going to be fun?

I think we need some fun right about now, and I am sorry if it hasn't been fun, lately.

So here, without further Ado, or adon't, is my guess for what Bob may propose.

1500 total units.
700 Senior Housing units
70-100 Patio style single-family units on small lots and in a separate section than the shared-walled units.
The remainder of the residential units may be comprised of some connected row houses and smaller 1-2 story condominium buildings with 12-16 units per building. There may also be, as the remainder of the units, larger buildings like ones illustrated with his current proposal.

This is just my guess and I hope everyone is willing to create their own guesses. No body will probably be dead-on Bob's proposal, but why not have fun trying your own guess work out?

Tom Field's proposal is on this blog, and it calls for 1,700 total units. His proposal is not really a guess, but it is imaginative to look at and think about, as a guess.

I have heard that some folks believe a total unit count of 1100 might be what Bob will ultimately come up with, but their guess is as good as every ones' I believe.

There is absolutely no prize for your guess being the closest to Bob's new proposal, because we all will probably lose because of that new proposal.

But it is worth giving it our best shot, I suppose. Maybe some of us will agree on what others may comment on. We may even find one particular guess to have some real support from the community. It is already a given that thousands of folks in OUR community demand R1, so I don't think that it needs to be included, especially when it won't be part of Bob's new proposal.

Please make this fun for you to think about. We will all know on or about June 18, what Bob has as his new proposal.


mellonhead said...

I don't think Mr. Bisno can come up with anything that R-1 people will be able to support. But I do believe he knows what the politicians in L.A. will approve. Really, the only one that has to be pleased is Janice Hahn. Has the story already been written? Why is Mr. Bisno waiting until June 18th to spring this on everyone? A tactical move?

M Richards said...

Thanks Mellonhead,
I think Bob's new proposal is coming out just before he leaves for Europe. I don't know if he is just going on vacation or posibly combining his vacation with a visit to the financial backers many of us believe he is using.

It is also no small matter that Bob, along with others have been making a not-so-subtle feeling that they want the CAC to be completed by the middle of June. I continue to wonder if Bob is not also timing his announcement of his new proposal to coincide with the end of the CAC's original mission, so as to keeping too many prying eyes off of his new proposal.

I think it would be most honest of Bob and the members of the CAC to agree to stay on so as to be able to allow more public input and viewing of his new proposal.

It could well be thought that if he doesn't want the CAC of another group from the community to review and make comment on his new plans, he waited to the end of the CAC's term to bring out the new proposal.

What do you think Bob will now propose, Mellonhead? Your guess is as good as anyones, even if we all support R1, NO COMPROMISE!

mellonhead said...

I think Bisno will come in at about 1700 which is 25% below the 2300 he is proposing now. This will satisfy the LADOT survery re-do. But don't forget the high school.

M Richards said...

Thanks again Mellonhead,

I never forget about SRHS #14 and what it may do to the whole issue.

Bob and I are very much together on the school issue, although I am happy to see him spend his money fighting it.

With the fewer number of seat (810) proposed for the smaller campus, 6-8 acres, there are at least three parcels of land in Harbor City or Harbor Gateway (L.A. City Strip) where such a high school could fit.

SRHS #14 is proposed to ease the overcrowding of Narbonne H.S. and will only the students from north of Avenida Aprenda, in R.P.V. and the H.S. age folks living at the Tennis Club, Seaport Luxury Homes, Casa Verde Estates, and Ponte Vista would use that school, if they chose to, as their primary high school. Every other student will come from the development at Western and P.V. Drive North, and north, east, and west of that project.

It makes absolutely no sense to bring students over the hill and into San Pedro to ease the overcrowding of a Harbor City high school.

Let those kids go to a brand new campus closer to where they actually live and ease the problems on Western as much as they can be, under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

how can hahn possibly let his real proposal get away with no real public comment period? an attitude
that well he shrunk it down a little bit is better than nothing and he can't be made to wait forever to develop his land. a legitimate concern, but the situation he finds himself in is entirely of his own making.

Anonymous said...

my sister lives on barrywood and was informed that her house was in an area they were considering using to build a new school. where can she go? ponte vista. what happens when taper, dodson and crestwood, are full? Like trudie needs more cars coming up the street to make room for "bob kids"
Ironic that the neighborhho and people there is so much contempt for have to shoulder this additional traffic increase Do you know the current population of these schools and what is going to be done when thay are full? will they come after my property to accomodate more students? with all this development, these schools are going to run out of room, if they haven't already. it's immoral to condemn homes to make way for more students because the area is being overdeveloped. smart growth. right.