Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kris, and How I Have Had Blinders On

Kris is someone who has been making comments on this blog for some time.

Kris is someone who disagrees with my opinions about what Ponte Vista should look like, but Kris and I can get beyond our differences and discuss issues thoughtfully, openly, and without too much criticism of each other.

Kris has made a criticism of me and this blog that is dead on correct, I feel. Kris sees this blog as too much of a organizing source and resource to R Neighborhoods Are 1 than it probably should be, at least in my opinion, into the future.

In defense of my dealings with R Neighborhoods Are 1, I was involved from just about the second or third meeting of the original group that grew into the steering committee of the group.

When I was a member of the CAC, I was always calling for some kind of organization to counter Bob Bisno's organized machine that he was paying for. As a CAC member, I needed to hear all sides of the issues, including any organized opposition to Bob's current plans.

In truth and fact, R Neighborhoods Are 1 was formed long after I felt if should have been formed and some folks calling for R1 remaining at Ponte Vista were getting pretty fed up waiting for an organization to come out publicly, me being one of them.

So R Neighborhoods Are 1 was born, made public, and has grown faster and farther than I had expected it would in such a short time.

There is going to be a meeting of supporters of R1 remaining at Ponte Vista on Wednesday May 16, 2007 at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Auditorium. I will have some part in the program.

After the program ends, I will create a post concerning what part I played in the meeting.

There will also be two more meetings planned and I will probably be involved in them, too.

Kris' point about this blog being so involved with R Neighborhoods Are 1 is a good one and I need to rethink how this blog will deal with that group.

Kris is valuable to this blog and to me and I don't want Kris to feel the need to leave this blog and go elsewhere. I do however encourage everyone to also look at "Tom's" new blog only if he does the two simple changes I have asked him to do.

This blog needs to get back to discussing the issues, and yes, it still can be from a viewpoint that opposes Bob's current plans. I demand this much from this blog.

R Neighborhoods Are 1 has grown into a group that has an organized steering committee, a Web site, contacts, and everything else a community-based group would need to fight for the beliefs they hold.

I will not abandon the group on this blog, but after Thursday, I will cut back on coverage of the group on this blog. They are big enough to not need the amount of support this blog has given them and I will continue my vigorous efforts on their behalf, even though I would like to see some Senior Housing at Ponte Vista no matter what any R1 person thinks.

Thank you again Kris, for assisting me with getting my head out of the sand. I still will try to be as nice as I can on THIS blog.

Mark Wells
M Richards
Sven Ludvquist O'Brien

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