Friday, May 11, 2007

Odds and Ends 12

Thanks to the 8,022 visitors who have ventured in one way or another to this blog. I hope at least a few of you have found something interesting within its many overly long posts and comments.

Let's get the trivia out of the way early.

Ponte Vista DEIR Approximately 199 school age students will live in a 1,725-unit development.
Urban Village DEIR Approximately 98.5 school age students will live in a 251-unit development.

Both are owner-occupied condominiums.

Ponte Vista will have .115362318 students per unit as an average count.
Urban Village will have .392430278 students per unit as an average count.

If the Urban Village, owner occupied condominium unit, ratio was used for the Ponte Vista owner occupied condominium units, in the non-age restricted, then the number of students
that would probably live in the section would be approximately 676.9422295.

676.9422295 is probably a more reasonable number to use for a 1,275-unit non age restricted, owner occupied condominium development, don't you think?

I still haven't been around the community to know whether the statement recently made by Ms. Hahn has gotten out to the community at large and what the reaction to it might be.
Like I think I wrote earlier, I am not only surprised to hear what she said, at this time, I didn't expect her to say if before the CAC made its recommendations.

I am going to have a separate post about the CAC and how it was so very important up to now and how it might work in the future, if it still has a future. I am quite sure there will be a lot of folks very critical of the CAC, but had they not done what they have done so far, I don't think Ms. Hahn would have made the statement she made and I don't think R Neighborhoods would be as strong as it is growing to becoming.

Even though Janice Hahn said what she said, I think it is extremely important for folks supporting R Neighborhoods Are 1 and others demanding that Ponte Vista remain with its current zoning, to remain strong, intact, and fighting to make sure it happens.

I will too, keep calling for what I believe could be built at Ponte Vista. I do admit that if R Neighborhoods Are 1 wins out, I will not only not shed a tear of sorrow, I might even join them in celebrating. That does not mean that I wouldn't want to see some size of a separate Senior Housing section at Ponte Vista. it just means that if I don't get exactly what I wish for, what the heck, I did my best to be reasonable, responsible, realistic, and respectful, just like the vast majority of R1 supporters continue to be.

I very much appreciate being at the first meeting of the CAC where at least one supporter did not call anyone opposing Bob's current plans, any derogatory names. Linda wasn't at the meeting and the supporters who spoke made their points very well, even though I don't necessarily agree with them.

As I wrote last night, I found it very refreshing to talk to some of Bob's supporters who would like to see Bob alter his current plans to something more reasonable. I talked at some length with a supporter who thought that a 1000-unit development would be quite alright with her. I don't necessarily agree with her amount of units, but I think if supporters and opponents can just talk to each other, we might find that we have more views about number in common than most people think. I am only writing this for folks who want compromise, like I do and I do not expect folks supporting keeping the site with its current zoning should engage in any of these types of discussions, unless they really want to. Until Bob moves, R1 supporters must stand firm in all of their resolves to keep the zoning as it is on the site.

Wednesday May 16, 2007. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Auditorium, 7:00 PM. If you support keeping the Ponte Vista site with its current zoning of R1, you are most cordially invited to a meeting and rally of like-minded people and oddballs like me. We will do our best to hold the festivities to about 1-hour long and we are going to have some fun and informative guests and I guarantee folks who come, will learn something new that they probably didn't know about the Ponte Vista at San Pedro proposed development.

I have to inform you all that our "Special Guest" for the evening, Dr. Lucifer B. Doom, will not be able to be at the meeting. His absence will be explained on Wednesday evening. Not to worry, we have found another interesting guest that will inform you and give you many things to ponder.

Some other guests will include an absolute legend in OUR community, a very humorous fellow who provides laughter wherever he speaks, and a few other speakers who will definitely not bore anyone.

We're planning for a fast-paced presentation, with some fun and some very serious words, so please bring the whole family for just about an hour, at a wonderful spot, in a great community.

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