Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ponte Vista, a Place for Seniors

I am going to continue to float an expanded proposal for a different Ponte Vista than Bob has imagined. I am not going to abandon my wish for having a Senior Housing section along with the rest of the site being made up of single-family, detached houses, but I want to explore a different proposal, with some reasoning behind some of the issues and see what folks think.

The seed of the idea came from Tom Field and he still won't shake my hand and won't tell me who he really is, but I like the idea and I thought about watering it and placing fertilizer on it and see if it grows.

We start with a Senior Housing section pretty much like what Bob Bisno currently proposes, but if Tom likes 700 of those units, I think that can be considered. This would be the only "Senior only" section of the complex

Then we move to assisted-living apartments or condominiums where residents can have their meals prepared for them and more of their personal issues taken care of. In my mind, this would be at least as wonderful as The Canterbury is. Residents with challenges can be cared for in a semi-private environment, with plenty of care-givers available.

We move next to a fully staffed, brand new, convalescent or retirement home or hospital, where patients have the best care and in a wonderful surrounding.

The Wallgreen's that the Wallgreen's company is looking to possibly be built at Trudie and Western, could find a welcome home at Ponte Vista in a public setting. folks living in all areas of Ponte Vista will have to make a short walk or roll to the pharmacy or to buy essentials they may need.

Open spaces, designed for all ages older than 55-years of age or persons with disabilities, will be placed throughout the complex. More adaptive open spaces would be most welcome.

Recreational activities could include tennis, basketball, swimming, lawn bowling, bocce ball, and a beautiful 5 acre, par 144, 18-hole golf coarse where the longest drive is 75 yards.

On the site and possibly attached to the convalescent hospital, would be an urgent care facility and possibly a paramedic ambulance associated with the development. The urgent care facility could have an attending nurse practitioner along with a certified Paramedic to work in the urgent care facility and the convalescent hospital, at the same time.

There would be a public senior citizen center, with regular bus trips to gambling areas if that is chosen. There would be plenty of van pools, buses and other means of community transportation to get folks to the nearby hospitals and doctors offices in San Pedro and elsewhere.

This proposal would create many jobs in the health care fields, caregiver fields, administration jobs, and many other job categories needed to this specialized complex.

There are those in OUR community who don't believe there is a real need for housing and care for seniors. I don't believe them. Folks born before 1960 are getting more prevalent in OUR community and surrounding communities in the greater L.A. and South Bay areas. If there are not enough seniors from San Pedro or R.P.V. who wouldn't want to move into a state-of-the-art complex specifically designed for their needs, I am sure there are many folks currently living in other places who would be interested in living at a place this post is proposing.

Perhaps there are elders who want to take one of the many cruises leaving our port. If an elder hostel was built at Ponte Vista, they could stay a few days, spend their tourist dollars in the area, before or after they take their cruise.

I could go on, but I think you get my drift. An all inclusive complex for seniors and others requiring specialized care, that is new, wonderful, and close to the many families that want to keep their older loved ones closer to them.

It is no problem for my sister and I to visit our dad at Los Palos and our mom at Palos Verdes Villas. They are both very close and we can visit them easily. Why shouldn't all kids have the same opportunities to have their parents in a great, caring, safe, and close by environment. It is is good enough for Ruth and Mark, it is good enough for everyone else, I think.

Please just think about this proposal. then if you wish, comment on this post or create a post of your own for publication on this blog.

You are also most welcome to create your own proposal for what you want to see at Ponte Vista.

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