Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Supporters of R1 Meetings and Rally

Howdy folks,

After reading this post, march right over to your calendars and get a big marking pen and write in these three dates:

Wednesday May 16, 2007

Monday June 4, 2007

Tuesday June 12, 2007

Announcing the first three meetings for supporters of keeping Ponte Vista with its current zoning! That's Supporters of R1 at Ponte Vista!

The program, script, and many plans for the first meeting on May 16 are already through their first draft and all will be ready to go when the first meeting is held at:

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, San Pedro California

The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM and will be an entertaining and informative gathering where both laughter and heckling will be heard. There will be plenty of visual illustrations for you to enjoy, a skit or two, and quite a few facts given out so everyone will become even better informed about the true conditions that will be found if Bob Bisno is allowed to go forward with his plans for an outrageously large, and very unwelcome project in northwest San Pedro.

The cost for this meeting is zero dollars and equally zero cents! Everyone will be provided with facts that can help you better explain to others why R Neighborhoods Are 1 demands that the site remain with its current zoning.

Interestingly enough, all of the facts presented at the meeting will come from public documents and documentation that can be proven to any and all who question them. Many of the facts will come straight out of documents paid for by the Bisno Development Organization and are now in the public record.

Nobody needs to manufacture facts to inform anyone that Bob's current plans are for a project that is too big, unwanted, and not necessary in OUR community.

This meeting will also not take an entire evening. It will be long enough to be enjoyable and informative, and short enough to not be boring or needing to keep the kids out too late on a school night.

This meeting will encourage everyone to become even more involved in supporting the goals of R Neighborhoods Are 1, and will seek more volunteers to do some of the fun things you may have seen or read about in the recent past.

Yes, that really was and Elvis impersonator at two demonstrations. Come help "The King" as he encourages folks driving by the gated Ponte Vista site, to honk their horns in support of R1.

There will be handouts at the meeting where folks can learn the real truths about Ponte Vista and find answers to their own questions about the project. There will be a "special guest" who will come and give you a number of things to think about and really worry you about. When the "special guest" is done, you should end up being scared for yourself, your family, and your community. But all is not lost! Another "special guest" will help you overcome what you hear at the meeting and will let you know how you can fight for yourself, your family, and your community.

At the end of the May 16 meeting at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, you will learn about the second meeting of supporters of R1 at Ponte Vista. You'll want to be at the first meeting to get the R Neighborhoods Are 1 group growing larger and larger by every meeting.

Your homework for this first meeting is to include as your mantra the following:


Please tell you friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your community, to come to the meeting on May 16 and let everyone in OUR community know you will not stand for an out-of-town developer coming in to YOUR community and telling YOU what is best for OUR community!

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