Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thanks So Much For Visiting and Other Stuff

Thank you, whoever you are from, who visited at 5:20:22 PM today, you are number 9,000 as a visitor. Thanks to the other 8,999 folks who visited this blog. Whether you stayed one second or have visited multiple times and stayed around a bit to read this blog, I appreciate you visits and I continue to hope I can keep this blog interesting enough for you to return, learn more about the Ponte Vista at San Pedro Development, and make comments and create posts of what you would like to see built on the 61.53 acre site.

In reading the latest Random Lengths News, I found no advertisement for Ponte Vista. I bet Bob's "new" plans were already being addressed as to their rollout and I think Bob didn't want to pay for an ad for a development proposal that is now dead.

I continue to read and make comments on Tom Field's blog: Ponte Vista...Common Sense. I hope everyone who visits: is courteous and do not resort to name calling and meaness towards anyone.

Tom and I still have major differences, but I can engage him and others in discussion and debate that is sometimes different on his blog than it is on mine. He does lean towards his proposal for a 1700-unit development, and we will see how close Bob's "new" plan is to Tom's proposal which can still only be read on this blog.

If folks think attacking is the method they wish to use when debating or discussing the Ponte Vista project, please do that on this blog and not Tom's. As of this date, Tom or whoever he really is has not told me his real identity, but I believe he or she or them, do know quite a bit about the Ponte Vista project and he seems somewhat reasonable (except for my thought that 1,700 units is still unreasonable in my book) as someone that discussions may be accomplished with and he has stopped using name calling or attacks as too many of Bob's supporters of 2,300 units still continue to do, it seems.


Anonymous said...

1700 = NO NO NO NO!!

429, R-1 is what the former navy property site MUST stay at!


I hope the R-1 group REALLY MEANS what it says and we're not just wasting our time at the meetings so that we can "compromise" and settle at 1700, 1500, 1000, 750 or whatever.

If you do plan on "compromising," and snatch defeat from the jaws of impending victory, let me know now so I don't waste any more time at R-1 meetings.

M Richards said...

Howdy, anonymous 10:44 PM,

My wish is my current proposal and may change quite significantly on June 18.

Bob Bisno will confirm for me on that date whether I will sign the R1 petition or not.

This comment is my first comment on what I will do on June 18.

After much review, careful consideration of all the facts, issues, concerns, opinions, comments, posts, letters to the editor, articles in the newspapers and many other factors, I will finally deal with whether I become a total R1 supporter of not, based on Bob's "new" proposal.

It all comes down to shared walls.

If Bob proposes one or more units with at least one wall shared by two units, then I will sign the R1 petition and be done with calling for my current wish/proposal.

If folks have read my more recent posts, they know my feelings about condos becoming rentals and how bad that is for OUR community.

They have also read that I will not compromise on that with non-age restricted units at Ponte Vista.

Bob had the last 10 months, according to lots of folks, including Janice Hahn, to call for a lower number of total units at Ponte Vista, and still he waited.

The wait is over, June 18 is coming, Bob is in the driver's seat and he may just drive himself into oblivion if he didn't listen to many of us.

We gave his proposal time, energy, debate, council, and much of our combined energy. His original proposal was dead on arrival as soon as Janice Hahn learned of it, still he waited.

My "niceness" and his "reasonable proposal" as some have called his current plans, are about run out.

June 18 is going to be a day to remember, around the Ponte Vista site. It is the day Bob either proposes something that can be dealt with, or the day he seals the fate of Ponte Vista to R1, whether he owns the property or not! And it won't be up to me or a few other folks who make that determination. It will be up to Bob or thousands upon thousands of regular folks who demand R1 NO COMPROMISE!