Sunday, May 27, 2007

One Particular R1 Petition Signer

Bruce, Gabriel, and I were near the eastern end of Vons market at 25th and Western when along came a gentleman going into the Market.

"Would you like to sign a petition concerning the Ponte Vista project?" asked Bruce as Gabriel and I remained silent.

As the man passed Bruce and headed into the market he said, "I'm for the project."

I said to the man as he continued into the store, "You know Bob is not going to build 2,300 homes." The man turned around and said that he didn't want that many homes in the first place.

At the exact same time, Bruce, Gabriel and I blurted out, "Neither do we!"

The man then came out of the market's entrance and over to Bruce and asked how many home he favored. Bruce told the man that the petition was for keeping the site with its current zoning of "R1".

The man took the clip board from Bruce and began filling it out. He said during his writing process that he is looking forward to moving into one of Bob's Senior units when they are built and that he had sold his single-family home and moved into "The Gardens."

I asked the gentleman if he was renting or did he buy the place in The Gardens. He told us that he bought his unit, there.

I went on to ask him what he would do when the Senior unit he wants built for him at Ponte Vista, is completed. He told me that he would probably move into Ponte Vista and rent out his place in The Gardens.

Driving home from Vons today, I took Miraleste Drive because Western Avenue is always too crowded for me and I do have the fortunate opportunity of being able to avoid Western Avenue beginning at 9th Street.

Driving along Miraleste Drive, I noticed all the cars parked along just about every available parking place on both sides of Miraleste Drive, near Miraleste Canyon Estates.

The Traffic Safety Commission of the City of Rancho Palos Verdes gets lots of complaints from homeowners who live in R.P.V., but directly across Miraleste Drive, from Miraleste Canyon Estates, which is located in San Pedro.

There seems to be little R.P.V. can do to keep cars belonging to residents of Miraleste Canyon Estates from parking on the R.P.V. side of Miraleste Drive, except create and enforce restricted parking along the R.P.V. side of Miraleste Drive, to those residents who own homes in the area.

This is an example of a condominium development having many rentals or leases. Miraleste Canyon Estates probably charges a fee for parking in their lot, if residents have more than one or two vehicles or there are multiple families living in individual units.

As Miraleste Canyon Estates goes, why should we not expect a development of condominiums at Ponte Vista might go?

It would not be unexpected to see a long row of vehicles parked along Western Avenue, once a large condominium development such as Ponte Vista is built. It won't matter how many condos Bob builds, there still will be vehicles parked outside the fences of the development, and there is not a single condominium development of any large size, in San Pedro, that doesn't have the same issue as Miraleste Canyon Estates has.

Supporters of Bob's plan(s) may state that if R.P.V. residents don't like living where vehicles of residents of Miraleste Canyon Estates park, then they should move.

I state that if a condominium development is a condominium development, then there should be no rentals, renters, or leases, unless the CC&R's allow for it and I didn't see anything in the Miraleste Canyon Estates CC&Rs that allowed for this.

Bisno supporters who support Bob's call for condominiums at Ponte Vista must also realize they are also supporting rentals and leases at Ponte Vista and there is nothing they can do to stop that.

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