Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What Would Happen If..........

Good people are trying their very best to make this the greatest place to live, possible.

Wonderful fathers, mothers, grandparents, and others are trying to keep Eastview Little League either where it is, or find a new permanent home for it.

Many people either support or oppose Bob Bisno's current plans to build 2,300 condominium units in northwest San Pedro.

Caring, considerate, and mindful people are dealing with creating an new campus for Mary Star of the Sea High School.

All along the way, unfortunately, we all forgot to ask enough of the same type of question:
What would happen if........

What would happen if there was no public road through the Ponte Vista site, for the new Mary Star campus?
What would happen if Eastview Little League actually lost the site they have enjoyed for so many years?
What would happen if Bob Bisno is not allowed to build according to his current plans?
What would happen if Bob Bisno does not provide the mitigation he intends to provide IF he gets his way with his current plans?
What would happen if Taper Avenue was the only access to the new Mary Star campus when development of Ponte Vista is completed?
What would happen if Bob Bisno allowed to only construct 429 single-family homes at Ponte Vista?
What would happen if a real terrorist attack occurs in our port and we all must evacuate.

It is too bad that we didn't ask enough, what would happen if.... questions revolving around the Eastview Little League dilemma.

It is not too bad that we can all learn from the current problems Eastview Little League is fighting with. Those of us concerned about the Ponte Vista development should demand that we have the time to answer all of the, what would happen if....questions. We even need more time to figure out what some of the questions are, to the, what would happen if....question

When the CAC unanimously recommended that there be a public road through Ponte Vista, I think they did not ask enough, what would happen if....questions.

But all is not lost, IMHO. I think the whole recommendation process is backwards if dwelling density is not dealt with, first. What would happen if the CAC recommended "community benefits" that would not be provided in a development built with the current zoning?

The CAC is under absolutely, positively no obligation to recommend anything it doesn't think is what is best for OUR community and THEIR community. If Counsilwoman Janice Hahn receives a recommendation that the Ponte Vista site remains with its current zoning, then it means the folks who might represent us on the CAC believe it is the best recommendation they could make for all of us. We already know that Ms. Hahn can use the CAC's recommendations or not use any or all of them, and the CAC is not recommending anything to Bob Bisno.

We should let the CAC know what OUR community demands and those of you who support keeping the zoning as it currently is, have every right that I do in getting up in front of that group and telling them what you demand. I chose to spell out exactly what I thought would be good for the site, and I have no more of a chance at making comments in front of the CAC than you do. Express yourself, stand up for your beliefs, and let everyone know what you demand.

Ask yourself, what are all of the "what would happen if....questions I need answers for and bring them up to your friends, neighbors, community, CAC, this blog, and everyone else who is concerned about the Ponte Vista project.

This project is much to important to all or our futures to miss even one, what would happen if.....

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Mark said...

San Pedro is a mature community, meaning the house is full! This community's desperation is not for more jobs or wealth it is for cleaner air, living space and freedom of movement through less traffic.

If Bizno the Humanitarian wants his major development let him swap his land for some of the blighted area below Gaffey St and build all the low-income housing he wants.

Los Angeles is a city of renters largely because of the excess of apartments allowed by the city for too long. This city is also the capital of gangs as a direct result.

Keep San Pedro healthy!