Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Nerves Seem Too Sensitive to Touch

It appears with my recently withdrawn post about some Neighborhood Councils in San Pedro, which I put back into "draft" form is a bit to touchy for OUR community to reasonably discuss, debate, and/or comment on.

That post also brought out a familiar commenter who again attacked me without clearly reading this blog.

I would like to ask anyone who has been Emailed the resolution passed by Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, to Email me a copy to

Living in R.P.V. appears to not give me the right, as some believe, to comment on any or all of the three Neighborhood Councils serving San Pedro. Perhaps folks forget that the home I live in was part of "San Pedro" from the time the foundation was poured until the area was annexed into R.P.V. Still others seem to forget that many residents of this portion of R.P.V. consider themselves more aligned with San Pedro than to R.P.V.

If M.M. didn't take the opportunity to read my comment back to him in the post that is now a draft, I explained to him that I left the CAC to assist the folks or Rancho Palos Verdes with traffic safety issues that includes Western Avenue. I also stated that I feel that eastern R.P.V is under represented on committees, commissions, and boards within R.P.V. and we easterners need to include ourselves in the governance we are under.

From the quick reaction to the prior post, stakeholders in their respective Neighborhood Councils, especially board members seem very sensitive and defensive of their particular group and seem to have little trouble condemning other stakeholders from other N.C.s.

The motto of "Can't we all just get along" does not appear to be something members of some N.C.s wish to have, as their own. This doesn't seem to help all of the residents of San Pedro and I got an eyeful from folks who did not like what I wrote.

It doesn't seem very democratic, but it does seem very Taliban, to not allow for comment by anyone and everyone. I have always tried to keep communication lines open and not censured. I had to censure myself because I don't like censoring others. If folks who commented on the prior post wish to have their comments places on this post, please Email me or let me know and I will post them so as to not be criticized for censoring others.

Now folks, I have 52 years and 21 days since I first came to this community. I have been there and done that, many, many times. If you don't feel that my opinions may have some validity, then kindly stop reading this blog and start one of your own. But I would contend that I have a longevity and connectivity with OUR community that is longer and more in depth than most others reading this blog. I have communicated information, comment, opinion, debate and discussion without resorting to using the moderation capability I have always had, and if you think this blog is still relevant, then perhaps, you will continue reading it.

Striking the apparently extremely sensitive nerves of folks regarding their own Neighborhood Councils, may not have been the smartest thing to do. But watching the quick and furious reaction to my prior post indicates to me that there exists some real problems between the three Neighborhood Councils and that does nobody any good.


Anonymous said...

MW said in a prior post:

"Bob Bisno addressed the members of the committee and members of the audience and told everyone that on June 18, 2007 he and his development company will unveil a new proposal for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro development"

My firm response to this is: Thats' fine as long as the zoning stays R-1 and no more than 429 homes are built there, otherwise, I DON'T CARE WHAT HIS "NEW PROPOSAL" IS!!

This property is currently zoned
R-1 for 429, and this is what it MUST stay at!

If he gets even 430, WE LOSE! Please don't be fooled into a "compromise" for 1000, 1500 or whatever. As Mr. Mardeisich said at the R-1 meeting, if we "compromise" or reach a "consensus" just for sake of a consensus, we lose!

Please let this sink in: this property must stay R-1. We have the Councilwoman on record as saying not only that she has not been convinced to change R-1, but she also said publicly that the developer knew it was R-1 when he bought it, and his trying to score points by adding "senior housing" is transparent (as "senior housing" really means people as young as 55).

So I take the Councilwoman at her word that she supports R-1 although we must keep the pressure on. AND look what's happening to Councilman Jack Weiss from another district -- some of his constituents are trying to recall him because he has allowed too much development in his area. Hopefully, Ms. Hahn is smarter than Weiss, and we won't have to resort to that.

So bottom line, the political winds on this issue seem to be blowing with us. Let's not snatch defeat from the jaws of victiry. This must stay R-1 !! ABSOLUTELY NO COMPROMISE.

Just4fin said...

Dang! I missed the fireworks. Sure wish to could have read the comments.

I sure agree with MW, however. It will always be about density issues and the problems they can cause. And more than 429 homes will cause more density related problems.

So I also say,again, R-1 No Compromise to help ensure a better quality of life for all of us who already live here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i say that if central san pedro wants it so bad they should just find room for bob to build it on their street. the sad thing is so many people seem to think it's only going to affect those uppity people above western so who cares?
he is going to flood the area with up to 7,000 residents.The city of Big Bear only has 4800 yet they have all the infastructure of a town. What is bob building to accomadate these new people on his other 40 acres? reflecting ponds. oh, wait, i forgot, a coffee shop, which only the new elitist community,who will live "behind the gates" can use. it seems only fair that if he builds this future potential ghetto {230 units per acre) that i get to go drive up and down their streets. what's fair is fair. what really gets my gumption is what disdain he seems to have for the people who live near his land, yet, his biggest selling point is it's great location. I think he should tell his potential buyers how bad the people in the area really are. the nerve of us trying to even have the slightest bit of say in what he is going to do which will have the biggest negative impact on me, my family, neighbors, and friends in the community.