Thursday, May 17, 2007

Waiting For the Attacks

Mr. Stat Istics post was just published. I am very patiently waiting for the attacks that will surely come.

I will wait for Tom Field to present his facts and challenge me. I hope he provides source references that I will also look at and the context he wants me to use, instead of the way I used the numbers.

What should we expect from Michael Meacher? More name calling and character bashing. I have yet to read his blog on the Ponte Vista matter. Anybody know where I can look to find it?

I expect Skip Robinson to be very polite and informative in any comment he might make. He seems to be someone who favors the larger sized development but he has clearly demonstrated that he is reasonable, responsible, realistic, and respectful and I can't ask anyone, including Bisno supporters to be more than that. If Skip has a problem with Mr. Istics' post, then I will read it and re-read it. I wish more folks who support the larger sized development would learn from Mr. Robinson.

I will be waiting for the Anonymouses who want to trash, complain, or make foul comments about Stat's post.

I hope after reading Stat's post, folks will continue to find that the development, as currently planned is just too big. Even the 9,212 DEIR estimate means an added 24% or higher percent right now, to the 37,500 vehicle per day count that was found to be true on Western in 2005.

I think my next post will be on the added traffic projected in the Western Avenue Task force study to give everyone something to compare with. The WATF is as factual as any other document I have read on the Western Avenue traffic situation, and it is a darned sight better than the Initial Study or the DEIR for Ponte Vista. When I publish that post, you will be able to see the traffic count grow for each year until 2020, no matter what is built at Ponte Vista.

So it is time to bring it on! take your best shots, and if I am incorrect, I'll admit it and publish the changes necessary.

But what if I am correct with all the figures. What if Jay Kim's estimate is more accurate than the DEIR's estimation. Shouldn't we reconsider what should be built at Ponte Vista? Would even 4,106 added vehicles per day from an all R1 development be too much for us? Might we need to actually reconsider having no new housing built at all. My first and primary wish will always be for the park I illustrated some time ago, on this blog. Perhaps no residential growth at all would actually provide the best outcome for OUR community.

As imbg always reminds me, even any new residential development on the site should be fought. Could many of us, together, be willing to fight to keep the site without any new residential development. After reading many comments from imbg, maybe we just might not be too out of order to seriously suggest leaving Ponte Vista without any new residential construction.

I would still like to see a live steam track system and a bunch of old guys taking kids on trips on their little trains.

Oh, and another thing, the good folks at Green Hills did make inquiries about getting the land in what is now Ponte Vista, but they were denied the ability to even bid for the land.

Just think about San Pedro residents spending their eternity in San Pedro. It can't happen at Green Hills, but what a dream it was.

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