Friday, May 25, 2007

What About the Supporters of 2,300 Units?

Some folks may be hopping mad right now. They were told that Bob was going to build for them a beautiful 2,300-unit development that was going to meet the needs and wants of everybody.

Has Bob abandoned his most ardent supporters? Or perhaps, there weren't that many folks supporting his 2,300-unit in the first place, after all.

Could it be that many "supporters" actually wanted less than 2,300 units at Ponte Vista built, but were afraid to go against Bob's wishes?

Who should now support a developer who pulls the rug out from many supporters, by changing the plans?

Could it be that many supporters supported a false plan in the first place? There are a number of folks in OUR community that think Bob's "new" proposal is actually the one he has been hiding since the beginning and he was just "trying the waters" to see if his 2,300-unit plan might work. Might the supporters of 2,300 feel duped into supporting a plan Bob never intended to build in the first place?

The CAC and OUR community had to endure months and months of supporters' calls for Bob's 2,300 unit plan. How might we now react to those who spoke out in favor of 2,300 units? Should we be mad at them for supporting a giant development that had no real chance of being approved of? Should we feel sorry that our neighbors and friends were so taken by this developer to repeat whatever he said? How to you think those supporters of 2,300 units be thought of if and when that speak of their support for whatever Bob's "new" proposal is?

Hey supporters, do you feel a bit silly now? I know a number of supporters who wanted compromise and thought that 2,300 units were far too many. What will they do to communicate that fact in the future? I can just bet that thousands of Bob's supporters will now come out and claim that they were always thinking that 2,300 units were to many and they all privately held that the numbers should be lower.

What do you think would happen to Bob's local support if he completely removed the Senior Housing section with his "new" plan? I doubt highly that there will be fewer Senior Housing units in the "new" plan than Bob's original 575 units, but don't you think that most all of Bob's real supporters are the ones calling for the Senior Housing section. I think if he removes Senior Housing from his "new" proposal, we will be able to watch him being run out of town on rails by a whole bunch of seniors, or those over 55-years of age.

This is a mostly satirical post as I am quite sure you all know. But in reality, Bob's changing of his plans as such a late date might just be too late for Bob. With my earlier posts which you can read, the ever increasing number of signatures on the R1 petitions, the comments by Ms. Hahn that Bob should have made the "new" proposal ten months ago, the learning curve all of us have done regarding development in northwest San Pedro and elsewhere, our seeming contempt for many departments within the City of Los Angeles, our assessment of the governance of that city, our findings about other large development projects in the area and the troubles found with many of them, the real arrogance, in my opinion by Bob and his staff to deal with all of us in OUR community who questioned his current plans, make it quite possible that whatever Bob sets forth as his "new" proposal will be considered dead on arrival.

I have been writing for months now that Bob had plenty of chances to negotiate and reconsider his plans. I feel this blog and many other persons warned Bob that he had more than enough time to change his proposal before it was too late. Now he says his "new" plan will be revealed at the end of the CAC's term, means that the oversight and questioning by the CAC might not be there for this "new" plan and that Bob has deliberately done this to lessen the amount of scrutiny the "new" plan should have. All of these factors point more clearly than ever that the goal of R Neighborhoods Are 1 and all of the R1 supporters have enough ammunition and strength to state once, for all, and nothing more that R1 NO COMPROMISE.

There was more than plenty of warning to Bob and he didn't listen and he didn't seem to care about OUR community. I think his time is up, we know a whole lot more than we did months ago and Bob Bisno blew his chances for his development, whether it was his current plans or his "new" plans.

Once bitten, twice shy. "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me won't get fooled again." Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you!

If Bob's "new" plans call for a Senior Housing section and non-age restricted condominiums of any kind, that idea and whatever numbers he comes up with should be fought at least as hard as his current plans have been fought. I'd like a Senior Housing section, but no non-age restricted condos should be allowed at Ponte Vista and I won't compromise on that.

And if Bob threatens to sell off his land, we will still be here, waiting for any new owners. But with our increased knowledge and a real base of folks who want a very limited amount of development at Ponte Vista, then Bob, good-bye and bring on the new developers!


Anonymous said...

To any "new developers" for Ponte Vista, "let the buyer beware". HA,HA,HA!

Anonymous said...

bob has been incredibly ignorant towards the community and this is not going to change. why does he wait until the end of the cac meetings to unvail the plan? he wants as much as he can get. his "maypo", if you will. now is the time to find out if the group will continue in order to look at his new 1700 unit plan, or whatever it is. also, a vague plan like the last one which doesn't really tell anyone the composition of the units; i.e.,numbers and size of bedrooms doesn't help. what if he lowers the number of units, only to increase the number of bedrooms to hold more people per unit and charge more for them.its been 2 1/2 years and i don't think anyone knows the total munber of bedrooms of this current "proposal". he really needs to be put to task on this. Everyone has a right to know what exactly he is proposing. i say he should just move on and get out of town. he is owed nothing by no one. real estate is a game of speculation and he really asked for this with his better that thou attitude. baseball fields, no baseball fields; road to mary star, no road to mary star etc,etc.
he is not a developer who wants to work with the community, let alone listen to it.