Friday, May 18, 2007

Odds and Ends 13

Once again I will start with the trivia. This is more informational than trivial, really, but someone asked me a question about sewage and I would like to help start answering her question by revealing where some of the sh_ _ will go. This information deals with the poop traveling two different directions, depending on which building the crap is coming from.

(Most folks believe the crap is coming from offices in Century City and from inside the site trailers, at this time)

The following is from an appendix to the Ponte Vista DEIR and this portion was completed in April, 2006:
Click on the photo/wording to make it larger and easier to read.

This continues to prove that crap comes out of multiple places at Ponte Vista and not just the site's trailers.
Folks keep coming up to me and telling me what I must write about on this blog. Suggestions, requests, hints, questions, and such are wonderful, demands are not. I encourage folks to let me know what they want discussed on this blog, but I don't take too kindly people telling me what I must write about on this blog. My response to them is, if they don't like what they read here, or they demand that something be written about, they should do exactly what Tom Field did and start their own blog.
Please remember to attend the next CAC meeting that is this coming TUESDAY!!! It is scheduled for Tuesday May 22, same time, same place. If you try to be with me on Thursday May 24, you would need to be with me in celebrating my wife's birthday. If you try to be with me on Thursday May 24, you would need to be with me in celebrating my mother's birthday.
I'll stop now, but you get my drift.
The last time I looked at the number of signed petitions Bob claims to have, the number looked like about 6,596. I was recently told that there are over 6,800 signatures on the R1 petition. Not bad for a bunch of volunteers, most of them taking time out of their lives and outside their paying jobs to help their group's plans to keep Ponte Vista with its current zoning.
Bob has stated that he is leaving for Europe on or about June 20. In wondering if one of his stops is with his financial backers, I also wonder if he has a lot of explaining to do. Fighting LAUSD is expensive. Dealing with a fairly disorganized bunch of pretty mad members of OUR community seems to have put a bit of a crimp on his budget and his financial backers wallets, too.
Listen very, very carefully. In the far, far background of all the noises we hear each day, there is a teeny, tiny violin being recorded onto the world's smallest tape recorder and engineered by someone who is just about to shed one tear. Can't anyone get Bob to lower the number of units he wants to build at Ponte Vista?
This blogger is taking an extended weekend away from all the blogs I read and comment on.
I would continue to invite everyone to visit for some easy, somewhat funny, light reading. I've nailed myself fairly well and you just might recognize someone in your life that that blog reminds you of.
Be well.

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Anonymous said...

429 is the only number that matters and we must absolutely NOT let Bisno get any more than this.

R-1 yesterday, R-1 today, and R-1 forever !!!!!