Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Neal Kleiner and Vladovich's Attack Mailer

Once again, another person who has met with Bob Bisno has resorted to attacking an opponent.

I cannot actually say whether Dr. Vladovich supports Bob's current plans for Ponte Vista, because I haven't seen anything from Dr. Vladovich to let me or anyone else know where he stands on this very important issue that will impact OUR local schools.

The election is tomorrow and I will make another pitch for all of you who have the opportunity to vote for Neal Kleiner, to do so.

Both candidates opposes any LAUSD school at Ponte Vista, so that argument for voting for Dr. Vladovich is moot.

Dr. Vladovich did meet at least once with Bob Bisno and Bob was sure proud to announce his meeting with Dr. Vladovich last February.

Mr. Kleiner is opposed to building 2,300 condominiums in northwest San Pedro. In fact he is pictured attending one of the several demonstrations outside the Ponte Vista site. There is no picture that I could find where Dr. Vladovich appeared in any opposition protest to Bob's current plans.

Now let me write about the attack mailer that came to my house today. Dr. Vladovich's campaign stresses the failures found at Muir Middle school during the time Mr. Kleiner was the Principal. I was looking for a listing of how the school did before Mr. Kleiner was the Principal, and after Mr. Kleiner retired from that postition. It seems the mailer fails to let us know how the school was doing prior to Mr. Kleiner's leadership, and we can't see how the school has faired since he was no longer the Principal.

It is probably true that the test scores failed to meet State requirements, but Vladovich's attack mailer did confirm that the scores, lower than the State mandates, were actually going up during the time Mr. Kleiner was the Principal.

Vladovich's attack mailer lists two school board as his "biggest backers". To me having existing members of the board back Mr. Kleiner's campaign is so much better than having a almost overzealous big city Mayor backing Dr. Vladovich so that Mayor can have undue influence over the entire Board of Education.

Local folks backing a local candidate for a local seat on a Board of Education sounds better to me, and I hope you, than a big city Mayor sitting in his downtown Mayor's office, trying to put his influence where the courts have repeatedly decided it just doesn't belong.

So to me, Neal Kliener is a better choice to lead our area on the Board of Education during a time when our schools could become very overcrowded by a developer who is trying to push his current plans on OUR community and using another candidate for the board seat to help do it, in my opinion.

As I have stated before, both men are qualified to take the seat they are seeking. I happen to strongly feel that Mr. Neal Kleiner would be much better suited to do that job for OUR schools, OUR local community, and OUR neighbors.

On Tuesday May 15, if you haven't done so already, please vote for Mr. Neal Kleiner.


M Richards said...

We also got a supportive mailer for Dr. Vladovich that listed some of the "educators" you are local and support his campaign.

It is not too hard to see that two of those educators would support Dr. Vladovich's campaign by simply reading their last names.

"Chris Nagle" was finally ordered to not return to any teaching duties at San Pedro High School. He has been around since before I received my P.H.D. and he is a legend in this town for some of the colorful events and people in his life. I think Mr. Kleiner would be glad Chris is supporting Dr. Vladovich and not him.

The trophy shown in the mailer has absolutely nothing to do with any service Dr. Vladovich performed while he filled any position within the LAUSD.

I am not writing that Richard Vladovich is a bad person, or even a poor educator, I am just writing to make my point that I have found that Mr. Neal Kleiner will better represent me on the school board that Dr. Vladovich will.

Anonymous said...

Hello?...Prior LA mayor Dick Riordian supports($$$$$$$) Dick Vladovic.

Riordian actively supported ($$$$$$) Villargosa for Mayor. (HE won.)

Both Dicks favor a LA mayor takeover. A mayoral takeover is best for illegal, non English speaking immigrants which LAUSD is overwhelmingly attended.

Kleiner is not in favor of meeting the needs of these students at the expense of dumbing-down all students. Allow me to reiterate that only the Dicks hope the mayor takeover LAUSD.