Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ponte Vista Blog - Reasoned Discussions

Tom Field has a new blog.

Tom Field has created a blog that doesn't necessarily supports my blog, but his blog goes in a different direction. He will explain why he has created his blog, on one of his first posts.

At the last count, of the 11 comments Tom has posted on his blog, five were comments I made. Unfortunately it looks like Tom has censored at least three of my other comments.

Tom wishes for his blog to be more "neutral" on the issues surrounding Ponte Vista, but as I wrote to him, folks who are "neutral" probably are too apathetic to even get involved with any blog or Web site concerning Ponte Vista.

Tom's blog spells out what he is looking for, and he has his blog to do that for him.

I will continue to welcome posts from everyone interested in contributing a post and I will not moderate (censor) any comments unless, or until I find comments that go over the line and are too offensive for my stomach to hold.

As for my previous posts and comments about Tom's blog here is my statement:

Yes, sometimes I am dirty, sneaky stinky, slimy, evil, mean, and nasty. But I am also honest, moral, credible, and believable. I thank Tom for changing the name of his blog, and I will also join him in discussions that I find interesting to comment on.

I will also hold true to my wishes and current proposals and I will strongly disagree with Tom whenever I feel he is wrong. He is, in my opinion, wrong more times than I would like him to be though.


Tom said...


Please check my blog. I don't think you will hate the name any longer.

Tom Field

Anonymous said...

I got this email from Tom:


After a significant amount of harassment (what a baby!!) on the presently available venues for discussing the housing development proposed at Ponte Vista, I've decided to start my own blog in order to give people a neutral forum to present their opinions.

The Ponte Vista project is reaching its critical stages and all comments are invited and welcomed.

I obtained your email address from various community organizations who show you to be active and interested in our community. I look forward to seeing your posts on the blog. It is not too late to make a difference!

Tom Field

Tom obviously stole my contact information from a group that I willingly signed up for and then sent his spam. Well Tom, you got it buddy....I guess I've been officially "welcomed" to your nicey nice forum. I promise I'll be a good boy!!! I'll bring my Maypo...HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Your Friend,

M Richards said...

Howdy anonymous 9:51 PM,
How very interesting! Did you fill out any form, survey, petition, or anything from the Bisno organization and include your Email address?

I wonder if Tom Field isn't someone employed by the Bisno Organization. I have tried many,many times to find out the real identity of Tom Field and the Email you received makes me think that "Tom Field" is someone working in the trailers at the site.

Of course I don't believe there is a real person named Tom Field, and I couldn't swear that any bio information on his blog is true. I suppose a fictional character needs to create "children" and a life that really may not exist, to keep their identity secret.

I would be very disturbed if I find out that Tom Field is using information supplied by the Bisno organization, because I tended to believe that Tom Field really wanted a blog that is "neutral".

Using Email addresses supplied by the Bisno organization to advertise his blog, certainly questions whether Tom Field is truly "neutral" or somebody supporting Bob's current plans.

I had thought that Tom Field was really interested in fairly discussing the Ponte Vista issues. Perhaps somebody in the trailers is being Tom Field for a good reason, or to try to sway opinion with his or her blog.

If anyone else gets an Email from Tom Field, please let me know if you put your Email address on any form that ended up in the hands of any Bisno employee.

As a point of information, I do Email members of the R Neighborhoods Are 1 steering committee with comments and information on and about this blog and I have, only one time Emailed an old girlfriend who's Email address I saw on one of the R1 petitions. I have no intention or any need to use any other addresses on any other R1 petitions to provide information about this blog or ask folks to visit.

Tensions seem to be raising now that the CAC is trying to be forced to make recommendations sooner rather than later. It appears that the emotions that we had surpressed when we first learned about the project, may be coming back. One example of that it seems to me, is that Tom Field found the need to start his own blog. I don't begrudge him that and I have repeatedly asked for more folks to become involved with their own blogs.

I hope Tom's blog is really "neutral" and is not receiving undue influence from anyone at the Bisno organization, or if Tom Field is an employee of Bob's, perhaps he or she is not fully behind Bob's current plans and it trying to get Bob to sit down and lower his numbers. If that is the case, I applaud Tom's efforts and wish to join him or her in that endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I have not signed anything or joined anything Bisno related. The email address must have been gotten from something R1 related.

I also tend to think that Tom Field is a hoax and possibly others.


M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 8:51 AM. That information makes me more comfortable that Tom Field is not using anything supplied by Bob or his organization.

When you stated: "I also tend to think that Tom Field is a hoaz and possibly others" you brought up something I hadn't thought of.

Might Tom Field be a few people together discussing things and having one of them produce the blog? It has been so hard to find one person that might be willing himself or herself out to be Tom Field, but perhaps Tom Field is the responder for several people, working together for whatever goals they want.

I know the "m richards" is me when comments are posted on Tom's blog, but I don't know who Kara McLeod is. Some of my aliases have created comments on this blog to offer points that M Richards can dispute, so I wonder if Tom is doing the same thing.

I do visit and comment on Tom's blog whether he/she, or they don't want to read or comment any longer on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Another funny thing Mark. Have you tried to do an internet people search (for informational purposes only of course)? Either these "San Pedro/RPV residents" are ALL very private (except on this blog and in the opinion columns), or they are fake Bisno pushers.

Anonymous said...

I think "Tom" is the white bearded guy in all the Ponte Vista senior ads.