Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tom Field Restates His Proposal

Tom Field's blog, Ponte Vista-Common Sense has his 1,700-unit proposal restated on his blog.

Also I feel my comments back to Tom deserve that same look. I think Tom has some good ideas, but I would like him to reconsider having 800 non-age restricted condominium units that have at least one shared wall. These are the easiest and cheapest types of condos to become rentals and leases and I think any of these types of units are best kept out of Ponte Vista.

Tom's idea for 200 "Patio" style homes is something Bob did not consider in his original, and I wish Tom would have all of his non-age restricted units of this type, and hopefully fewer of them, to boot.

I like many of the things Tom calls for with his post. I am quite certain he will face ridicule from some nasty and thoughtless R1 folks and I suggest to any of you who wish to be mean, nasty, or attack Mr. Field, to think that it is an insult to folks who have worked so hard for R Neighborhoods Are 1 and others strongly supporting R1, that attacking Tom in any bad manner, discredits all of the efforts of so many others. Please use caution and courtesy when writing or commenting on Mr. Field's blog.

If you feel you need to attack, this blog is a great place to do your attacking, name calling, character assassination, and other thoughtless writing. After all, this blog has been around long enough to have witnesses the meanness that comes from some of Bob's supporters as well as supporters of R1. I can take it, and yes, sometimes I can dish it out, when I feel like it.

It is extremely allowable to be critical of Tom's proposal, and I have my own criticism of parts of it. I hope when you do offer criticism of Tom's proposal, you are thoughtful enough to offer counter proposals like I do. That is the best way to debate and discuss a subject, IMHO.

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