Saturday, July 28, 2007

And What About Those Petitions?

Ms. Elise Swanson claimed in a newspaper piece that there are about 15,461 folks who support The Ponte Vista Development.

Which development do the majority of the supporters support?

For about two years Bob and his gang were recruiting supporters for a 2,300-unit development in northwest San Pedro. Mr. Bisno's organization hired a contractor to provide paid petition gatherers for much of the time.

Everyone who signed the petition supporting Ponte Vista at San Pedro signed a petition for 2,300 units to be built there.

Don't you think the honest thing to do is throw out all those petitions that were supporting 2,300 units at Ponte Vista, now that Bob Bisno has stated that there will not be 2,300 units built at Ponte Vista?

I think if I changed the content of the plans I was getting petitions for, those petitions would be moot and should be discarded because they are supporting something that will not be built at Ponte Vista, according to Mr. Bisno, himself.

But I guess the correct to do, as far as I am concerned, is not something Bob and his advisers seem to agree with.

Now it appears there are about 15,416 individuals who support having both 2,300 units AND 1,950 units at Ponte Vista, it seems because of the continued use of petitions supporting 2,300 units.

I am sure glad the R1 petition calls for something as simple as leaving the current zoning intact at the site. I don't think anyone reading that petition can be confused as to the zoning of the site, even though Bob threatened about 722 or 724 single-family detached houses could be built there. Even with a density bonus, we would still get less traffic during the day than with 1,950 units.

Using the PM rush hour figures to confuse supporters of Ponte Vista is another thing those individuals tried. So what if there are more cars during the PM rush hour with an all R1 development. At least there would be about 2,000 fewer cars on Western during the entire day than with his 1,950 monster. Check out those numbers and you will find that this it true.

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