Friday, July 13, 2007

Odds and Ends 21

Attendees at the recent State of the Harbor were presented with this great gift from the folks supporting Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

According to an account by someone who was there, a large number of folks apparently had a good laugh because the letter opener appears to be of a single-family house. We all know that Bob is not going to build any of them, on the site.

There is going to be a demonstration at the Ponte Vista site. If you would like more information, please visit:

Here are the results of Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council's recent election or 12 at-large seats to their board.

Sue Castillo 126 elected
Larry R. Henderson 96 elected
Andrew Silber 128 elected
Bill Roberson 111 elected
Kara McLeod 112 elected
John M. Delgado Jr 101 elected
Dan Pasley 105 elected
Carrie Scoville 111 elected
Benetta Johnson 74 elected
Isaiah Alexander 137 elected
Oliver E. Buie - write-in 74 elected
Daryl Seybold - write-in 84 elected

Registrations 221
Ballots Counted 220
Provisionals Issued 0

There were far fewer folks interested enough to cast ballots in this election compared to Northwest's recent election, and that is sad to note. As one very caring man wants you to know; "If you don't vote, you don't count!"

It does appear that the slate recommended by the Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1 did quite well. Let's hope that these fine volunteers who are about to take their seats on Central's Board will work hard for all the folks in Central's area.

Trivia: Only about 3% of all the visitors to Denali National Park in Alaska take the 184-mile round trip from the Wilderness Access Center to Katnishna, Alaska and back. Only 28 total miles of road is paved.

I shall now get back to the short break. I hope everyone has/had a safe Friday the 13th.


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mellonhead said...

This blog has been infested by a pest--something lower than a sewer rat. THE BEST WAY TO COMBAT THIS PEST IS TO IGNORE IT. The pest is actually very IMPOTENT.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ponte Vista – I hope the L.A. City Planning Commission, Ms. Janice Hahn and City Council members will take into consideration the fact that San Pedro is a Port City when determining the future of the next generation.

We have more cars per capita in California than any state as California relies on petroleum for 96% of its transportation fuel needs. In San Pedro alone it is estimated that over 37,000 cars pass through Western Avenue on a daily basis while 43 percent of all container imports that come into the United States enter the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. A total of 14 million containers on a yearly basis within these two ports.

Los Angeles County officials recently projected a 400% increase in goods movement through the ports over the next 30 years (L.A. Times - L.A. County offers “inland plan” dated July 12, 2007).

An estimated 1,200 deaths per year are attributed to what is called “goods movement” in this state. Meaning the diesel emissions from the transport of imports into our ports, the vast majority of them in Southern California. In 2005, the California Air Resources Board estimates 2,400 Californians die prematurely each year from the air pollution caused by the shipment of goods across the state. Many families’ children, who have asthma, must continue to suffer the effects of the pollution caused by the transportation of goods on ships, trains, and trucks.

Honorable Councilwomen Janice Hahn at one of the City Council meetings said the emission pollution created at the Ports affects people within a 15-mile radius. It should be noted that the distance from the Port at the intersection of John S. Gibson and the northbound 110 Freeway entrance to the front of the proposed Ponte Vista site at Green Hills Drive is approximately 2.9 miles. On July 6, 2007 Ms. Janice Hahn also said that 350,000 students missed school days because of cargo related pollution during the City Council meeting. This also affects tourists, San Pedrans and surrounding cities.

The question the elected officials should ask themselves is, does the revenue that the project will generate out weigh the health of the public.