Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's Happened Since June 18?

Since today is July 17, it has been a month since Bob revealed his 1,950-unit plan. You might think the folks at Bisno Development would have scurried to get their old plan amended since Bob says he wants to change his current plans. I hope beyond hope that there is another case number for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro development that will prove me wrong and let me know that Bob has, in fact, amended his plans. Or I hope beyond hope that the folks who run the L.A. City Planning Web site are very slow in updating their site.

But if what I have heard and read is true, it seems Bob has not had his plan amended to adjust for the 350-unit reduction in total number of units. It appears by what the city's site shows, that Bob has done nothing officially, as far as City Planning goes to change even one little item to his original plan, let alone 350-units worth.

Case Information Summary Sheet
Case Number: VTT-63399
Address: 26900 S WESTERN AVE
Primary Zone: OS-1XL/R1-1XL
Planning Area: Wilmington - Harbor City
Council District(s): 15
Certified Neighborhood Council (CNC): Northwest San Pedro
Area Planning Commission (APC): HARBOR
Historic Preservation Overlay Zone: Data Not Available
Historic Cultural Monument: Data Not Available
Total Project Area: Data Not Available
Client Contact Name: Eric Hoffman
Client Contact Phone: (310) 277-3670

The above information is taken directly off of the City of Los Angeles, Department of Planning Web site: http://cityplanning.lacity.org/

Just scroll down to "Case Information".

Click on "Summary Case Tracking Information".

Enter: VTT-63399 in the box in the upper left hand corner and click, "GO".

There is an application that I need to check on, but I still wonder if Mr. Bisno is not simply waiting to see what happens on July 24. Could he just thumb his nose at OUR community and continue his fight? I hope not.


Anonymous said...

Of course he will. He's been thumbing his nose at us all along. His sole purpose has been to convince us that his project is the right thing for our community. Spreading his largesse like its Christmas candy. Failing that, it will be off to the planning department to get them to acquiesce, kowtow or give into.

Fat Chance.

So far he has had no luck with thousands of residents, the councilwoman or even the mayor. He has hired a literal army of lobbyists to try and convince city council persons that his project needs to be approved because it is the "smart thing" for Los Angeles.

Anybody with a brain can see that this project, as proposed, is not the right fit for this area.

I suggest he try Rancho Mirage.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bisno is a believer in private transfer tax. I've asked Ms. Hahn's office to find out if that is his plan for the units in Ponte Vista and who the beneficiary would be with no response. Private transfer tax would be a percentage of the sales price for each unit going to any number of beneficiaries each time the unit is sold for eternity. I'm interested to see who might be receiving such a huge "gift" or if Bisno plans to continue that stream of income himself. It would make a huge difference in number of units. If he builds 500 SFRs he could rake in as much as 1900 condos/sfr mixed use from original sales, but he stands to gain much much more from private transfer tax if there are larger numbers of units. Getting warm?