Monday, July 23, 2007

Marshall's Coming to OUR Community

I know many of you (well o.k., not many of you at all) have been wondering what is going on at the old Do-It Center site between the Regal Cinemas and Bally's.

I had the rumor confirmed by the Rancho Palos Verdes Planning Department that a new Marshall's is going in on the top level of The Terraces.

It looks like Ross, Dress For Less is going to have even more competition now. Just think, a Ross, Marshall's, and a Target so close to each other.

There is plenty of parking for the new store and plenty of parking is going to get more scarce in the future so we should enjoy it when we can.

Something good is being constructed on Western. Gee, isn't that a delightful change?


Anonymous said...

why does the city of rpv not even give the local residents the courtesy of what the hell is going on around here? when does the 18 story tower at the bottom of trudie
go in? they don't give a damn about us. why don't they start spending some of the sales tax revenues they collect on this side of the hill over here?

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymous 7:55 AM.
You make a very good point when you used the word "local".

Actually it is our fault that too many folks governing R.P.V. don't listen to us more, or think we don't need information.

There are 4,000 potential voters in the eastern R.P.V./"Eastview" area. Only about 11% of us take the time and effort to vote in elections for R.P.V. offices.

All five of the current members of the R.P.V. City Council know that IF we ever got together and voted as a block, we would "own" R.P.V. in terms of who represents us.

Another lesser fault many of us live with is that we still consider ourselves San Pedrans and are more concerned with what is going on in San Pedro. This is because for so many years our area was considered to be "in San Pedro" even though it was actually only part of unicorporated L.A. County.

Our zip code used to be 90732, which is now only a San Pedro zip code. We have our own zip code and it covers a whole lot of the peninsula.

There is a candidate running in the November election who appears to live in Miraleste, which I consider eastern R.P.V. I haven't taken the time to learn more about the candidate, but I am going to learn and if I like what I learn, you can believe I will write about him on this blog.

I was suprised that there is now signage yet announcing that the Marshall's is going in. I would not fault R.P.V. for that, but I think the Marshall's corporation could invest a few bucks and post a sign at least.

Anonymous said...

i just think that they will use this area to solve thier issues or problems if they can, without any regard for us. any word on walgreens? what about new housing on western? why don't they ever print anything about these issues in their fancy newsletter? it's just so frustrating to see all these changes, almost none for the better, for the sake of someone's idea of "progress" or "growth". I think that there should be a ballot proposal to let the voters decide some of the zoning changes which they are contemplating. 429