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Odds and Ends 22

This edition of "Odds and Ends" will probably be a long one and may be edited during the day.

There are two comments that I have decided to reject not because of their content, but they deserve to be used on this post and carry an explanation.

Rebecca Chamblis sells real estate on the peninsula and in San Pedro. She writes blog pieces on the Active Rain Real Estate Network. She is a new hero in the quest to keep the zoning as it currently is, at Ponte Vista.

Two "Anonymous" comments were received listing the URLs for posts on the Active Rain network, written by Ms. Chamblis. I have already written to her to ask her permission to use the postings on my blog, because they are wonderful and provide information I am not able to provide.

The two comments I am going to reject contain only the following information which I have checked out, viewed, and found to be what they truly are:

These are writings by Ms. Chamblis that I feel deserve reading. Thank you Rebecca

Oh, what a week this is turning out to be. We finally saw stars after our return from our Alaska vacation and we are glad to be back home.

I was thinking this week would be a calm week as far as the Ponte Vista issue goes, because the next meeting of the CAC is not until next week and there didn't seem like too much was going on last week. I must admit that I was very wrong.

Foul mouth guy is now banned from this blog and comments I believe coming from him in the future, whether they contain foul language or not, will be copied and placed on my uncensored blog that I hope nobody ever views again. Even though he has used cleanser on his mouth on this blog, I feel he is probably "XXX" and I don't want to publish any comments from Foul mouth guy on this blog. We are done with him on this blog.

It looks like "XXX" created a false blog about the R1 group and used my name and Doug Epperhart's name when creating fictitious comments purported to have been written by us.

If the author of that blog resides in the City of Los Angeles, statutes in the law state that he committed the crime of identity theft. It is bad enough for Bob to actually publish falsehoods in his survey and in other print material, but to have someone probably associated with him break the law, shows what Bob and his bunch are willing to stoop to in order to push their over development on OUR community.

I did applaud the San Pedro and Peninsula Chamber of Commerce's study and interest in taking time before they made their "endorsement" of Ponte Vista. It is sad to learn that during that time they seem to have dropped a gun on the floor and shot themselves in the foot.

In today's Daily Breeze, there is already an article that may seem to describe how the Chamber is now trying to dig the bullet out of their foot, by qualifying their stance.

I think it would be appropriate for the Chamber to do the correct thing and rescind the "endorsement" of Ponte Vista and Bob until their wounded foot has a chance to heal.

They also might want to think about storing the gun in a place where they will not step on it again.

I must note that Mr. Sal Satomayor and Mr. Jack Baric, both members of the Chamber's Board and members of Ms. Janice Hahn's Community Advisory Committee for the Ponte Vista project,
DID NOT VOTE on the endorsement by the Chamber of Ponte Vista.

These two fine gentlemen have worked very hard on the CAC and they not only have not been a part of dropping the gun, they probably tried to warn the Chamber that the gun was below the Chamber's foot just before it went off.

Sal and Jack must be commended for refraining on voting on the Chamber issue and their words and deed on the CAC should always be remembered with honor for the services they have performed. Mr. Satomayor was also a member of the Western Avenue Task Force and that also deserves our praise to him as well as our many thanks.

Wednesday was a great day for many of us. Not only did we learn that OVER 10,000 signatures have now been gathered on the R1 petitions supporting keeping the current zoning as it is at the Ponte Vista site, we also saw a reasonable, realistic, responsible, and respectful resolution concerning Ponte Vista adopted by the Board of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

It needs to be repeatedly stated, for those Bisno supporters who seem to have trouble reading, that IF standards are met that meet expectations of the Board of the Council that call for higher density than R1, the Board will objectively look at any and all proposals that meet or exceed the standards. While the resolution states the current call for R1 at Ponte Vista, it does allow for discussion on a development of greater than R1 density.

Thursday seemed to be a bad day for many of us, until we realized how fouled up the Chamber's endorsement of Ponte Vista really was.

Too many individuals had to deal with an Email sent by "Tom Field" suggesting they visit a fictictous blog, that not only is written against blogging standards, but also contains evidence of a criminal act, according to the City of Los Angeles and not me. This is another shameful act of desperation by an enraged person or group of individuals, probably associated with Bisno Development or their advisory board(s). I cannot say for certain though, who "XXX" really is, but more and more details are leading people other than me to actively speculate as to the true identity of "XXX" and how he is associated with Bob and the gang.

Now that at least 10,236 signatures have been gathered on the R1 petitions, wouldn't 20,000 signatures be even that more wonderful? Right now there are about 77,000 households in San Pedro alone. More households in the surrounding areas add to the resources available to find more caring and thoughtful members of OUR community who may wish to sign the R1 petition.

The fight to keep OUR community from over development is just beginning. Continuing to collect signatures from individuals who believe that quality of life is more important that quantity of profit, is something we must do.

"Petitions" may be signed online by visiting and you can also download and print paper petitions to gather more signatures with.

It looks like R1 petition gatherers will be at McCowan's this weekend and at Point Fermin Park on Sunday.

Ponte Vista's paid petition gatherers may also be at Point Fermin on Sunday as well. Last Sunday one of them was followed and listened to by an intelligent and resourceful fellow who had to stop that gatherer and tell them that they were stating untruths. The paid Ponte Vista gatherer was using statements that are untrue and was challenged when they attempted to get signatures from uninformed victims.

There have been communications made by individuals to Ms. Swanson at the Ponte Vista site about paid petition gatherers using misstatements, falsehoods, and what turns out to be factual errors. Ms. Swanson has stated that she would look into the matter and offer corrective action. Well, it has been a long time since complaints have been communicated to employees of Bisno Development LLC, yet still as of last Sunday, paid petition gatherers are still making misstatements and offering falsehoods to unsuspecting individuals.

The proof seems to be in the pudding, I feel. When the folks at Bisno Development continue to allow their paid petition gatherers to spread misinformation and the gang continues to seemingly condone foul mouthed supporters and individuals who create fictitious blogs, and not bother to assist in opposing such outrageous acts, we get a clearer picture by their actions and inaction how they really feel about OUR community.

As today progressed, I learned even more about the Chamber's endorsement. I received an Email from Ms. Towsend and it included a letter to the editor of the Daily Breeze. I will include that letter once it is published in the paper.

The Chamber unfortunately was the victim of appearently sloppy writing by the reporter. However, the reporter who wrote the first story also wrote the second story, so I don't know why the Chamber did not request another reporter if they considered the first reporter's work to be "sloppy".

Either way, it appears that the Chamber did not wish to wait to see what the Community Advisory Committee or the local Planning Department officials thought of the plan before they made their endorsement. Both the CAC and that portion of City Planners who sat in on so many meetings represent the community the Chamber also believes it represents, but is couldn't wait to make their endorsement any longer, it seems.

I guess now the best way to put it is that the Chamber, in their attempts to jump the gun, actually stepped on it and it shot them in the foot. The reporting of the "shooting" may have been sloppy, but the folks at the Chamber are attempting to recover the bullet as fast as they can and clean their wound out.

Perhaps the proper "medical" attention they should try is to recind their endorsement until after the two other groups that represent them and the rest of us, tell us what they think.

Quick thought to seniors wishing to buy at Ponte Vista. Why not move to Miami? There is a glut of condos and more being built forcing a 30% reduction in prices for many of the units, according to Bloomberg news.

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