Friday, July 27, 2007

Really Bob, You Lost Your Own Game Where You Made the Rules

Really Bob, stating that the CAC was "outside the process" is such a stumble on your part, it would be laughable if it wasn't a statement that is going to get even more members of OUR community mad at you

It is your process that you are now condemning! Remember Bob, I was there at the first meeting of Ms. Janice Hahn's Community Advisory Committee for the Ponte Vista project where you indicated that as part of YOUR attempts to get the zoning changed to specific plan zoning, YOU were supposed to create citizen groups to give advise about your plans and schemes. The CAC was set up for the "community benefit" of Ms. Hahn and YOU!

If the CAC was truly "outside the process" as you wrote in the Daily Breeze on Friday July 27, 2007, it appears you spent thousands of thousands of dollars renting the ballroom, feeding the CAC members and the audience, providing tours for CAC members, and sending out thousands of pages of literature (propaganda, I feel) about your project.

When you stated last August that you wanted and needed a group like the CAC to learn about and discuss the project, I for one believed you were serious and committed to the process until the end of the CAC's mission.

It appears that you cannot even wait until the next meeting of the CAC to even suggest that the group was "outside the process" which turned out to be the process you supported with your money, time, staff, and a lot of supporters' time and effort attempting to get the CAC to come to decisions you seem to have made at the very beginning of the CAC's tenure.

There are little children, mostly little boys who come up with a game they feel they can win at, but when they actually lose the game, they then say the game wasn't fair and the other kids didn't play by the rules.

Mr. Robert Bisno, I played by YOUR rules during the time I was on the CAC. I endured many attempts, I feel, you and your subordinates attempted to do to take control of the CAC's actions and mission. I listen to hundreds of your supporters say the same thing over, and over, and over again, with only TWO of your supporters calling for compromise in public.

Your demonstrations of getting supporters to come to meetings by the use of paid dinners means that many of your supporters need some kind of compensation to support the "weapons of mass development" you are attempting to force on OUR community.

That is so sad Bob. Now it seems you are hosting an invitation-only gathering at the Cabrillo Aquarium for your supporters. What more might you offer these individuals to help you continue your fight to bring into OUR community more groups than yours oppose.

As I have written recently, we should all be very cautious of what Mr. Bisno is capable of. It seems the game he brought to our community didn't turn out the way he wanted and now he states that the game HE tried to play, the one HE paid for, the one HE claimed to be committed to, and the one HE endorsed, was "outside the process".

It only took a very few days to see what reaction OUR community would see from Mr. Bisno and his reaction is not surprising, but it is for someone so removed from the elementary school yard. I feel claiming his game is now "outside the process" is like that little boy not getting what he wanted, so he said the game he created wasn't fair and he now wants everyone to play another game he thinks he has a chance on winning. Fortunately, thousands and thousands of members of OUR community don't need to be paid or paid off to play whatever game Mr. Bisno comes up with and there is ever-growing indications that whatever game Mr. Bisno tries, he won't win.

Thank you again to all the great members of Ms. Hahn's Community Advisory Committee. After seeing what Mr. Bisno says and does, OUR community owes you a great deal of thanks for your commitment to OUR community and keeping us from "weapons of mass development."


Anonymous said...

Well said Mark. Keep up the good work, and keep fighting for R-1. Bisno's true colors are showing once again.

Anonymous said...

it's time to set the nex goal: 20,000 signatures. what a sad pathetic human being bob is. nothing he does will change the facts of the housing market and every day his project looks less and less viable.

Anonymous said...

This was inevitable. Bisno expected to use the CAC as a political tool that would allow him to contend that "the community" supported his plan (whatever it turned out to be). Well he just didn't quite know the community that he was dealing with. I'm quite proud of what ALL the R1 supporters have done to influence the CAC and the community as a whole. I understand that the war is not over yet, but I'm really happy about this particular battle.

P.S. - you know who, on the other site, has really, really gone off the deep end.... And that was before the meeting on the 24th!!