Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Please Bisno Supporters, Don't Trash R.P.V.

At tonight's CAC meeting, after the two motions passed, several Ponte Vista supporters wearing their "I support Ponte Vista" sticky tags, attacked folks living in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Why did they have to stoop so low and do that? Many residents of R.P.V., especially in the eastern area, either did not approve of being annexed into R.P.V. or like me, never had the chance to vote on it.

There are probably a couple thousand residents of R.P.V. who consider themselves San Pedrans because when we lived where we live, it was in the 90732 zip code and our return address was "San Pedro."

I don't besmirch San Pedrans because there is a potential development across Western that is so giant, many San Pedrans don't even like it.

I don't condemn San Pedro and its citizens when they drive their kids through our streets to the two LAUSD schools in R.P.V.

I also don't like when CAC members were attacked for just living in R.P.V. There were only three members actually selected to serve on the CAC and represent R.P.V. One of them, me, left the CAC. Of the thirteen members of the CAC, only two remain to represent a city that shares a portion of a state highway with San Pedro.

I didn't plan that a member representing businesses in San Pedro actually lives in R.P.V. That member did not support either motion passed by the CAC, anyway.

In their hearts, many residents of eastern R.P.V. consider themselves San Pedrans and those are the folks who actually come to the CAC meetings and oppose Bob's plans.

There are residents of R.P.V. that not only co-chair a Board for Ponte Vista, but also repeat praises towards Bob Bisno and his "saving San Pedro" (Sorry I had to write that, but that speaker lives in R.P.V. and this posts defends R.P.V. residents).

So if you are attacking folks who live in R.P.V. and believe they are the "bad guys" who oppose Bob's plans, I suggest you learn who actually lives in R.P.V. and where they stand on the issues before you condemn all of us.


Anonymous said...

residents of rpv are not the enemy. bob bisno is his own worst enemy and even of his own supporters, if he really gave a damn about his future potential residents he would start getting realistic about his property. why do they seem to hate everyone and everything on this side of western yet at the very same time just can't pack enough of themselves right next to us. there's tons of property for sale everywhere, including san pedro but, there not intrested in it.why? because living near us is more desirable. if this were not the truth, then why don't they just go live somewhere else? i'm happy and impressed about tonight, but he still won't care about some cac report. he's got "tommy" who's knowledge about all things ponte vista and the area comes straight from god and is not to be disputed.
next step? educating the whole city council on the opposition to this project NOW. Hahn is only one of 15. and yes, i sure as hell would and will spend my money elsewhere than at businesses who put greed over the quality of my life after supporting their businesses with my money for decades before old bob-o came along.429

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymous 12:02 AM,

I know we are not enemies of anybody but ourselves sometimes.

Our heart is in San Pedro but our mindset should reside as citizens of R.P.V., I feel.

We can take the best of OUR entire community but we in R.P.V. need to understand that if we really want to have an impact on how we are governed, we cannot look to Beacon Street or downtown L.A. We need to look towards Hawthorne Blvd and our own City Hall for our leaders.

I don't think many of our own citizens of R.P.V. know that the closest public park to the southern tip of Ponte Vista is located in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes and not in San Pedro.

But we don't have Slavko's or the Whale and Ale in R.P.V. We do have the great Admiral Risty's, but we have to pass over the most moving roadway in Southern California just to get there.

There are really great things in R.P.V. and I hope residents of all of OUR community get a chance to see Pointe Vincente and other great sites in our town.

There is one issue that is true that one person commented on, though.

After talking to some V.I.P.s in R.P.V. and some seniors, it is true that there probably will be very few seniors from The Hill that would want to move into senior housing at Ponte Vista. I have been told this by a number of residents from higher on The Hill.

M Richards said...

I still believe we should hear from the general membership of the San Pedro Peninsula Chamber of Commerce about their endorsement.

If 80% of them support the endorsement then I think we should be loud and proud to strongly suggest to them they made the incorrect endorsement. With the CAC's overwhelming rejection of Bob's plans with a 10-1-1 vote, that demonstrates that a representative group of community members do not endorse anything remotely close to what the Chamber endorsed.

Adding to the CAC, two of the three Neighborhood Councils reject Bob's plans and call for R1 at Ponte Vista.

If the Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1 receives via an Email to me or another Steering Committee member a motion for a resolution calling for a boycott of other action because of the Chamber's endorsement, I would take that to the Board for the thoughts of the Committee members.

It might be a fair thing to think that perhaps an Email blast considering actions might be consistant with free and open communications.

As only one member of the committee, I have only one vote. I believe I have addressed that I do not believe, at this time, that a boycott would be in the best interest of our cause. We have won just a few rounds but I don't think we should harm the businesses we have enjoyed for so long just because of the votes of a few of their members.

How about I bring the issue up at the next committee meeting and see how it plays. I feel I am honest enough to objectively make your claim for a boycott, but if you would like to write your feelings to me in and Email I can present to the committee, please look at the top of this blog for my address.

I think we have enough information to strongly suggest to the Chamber that they may wish to at least temporarily recind their endorsement at least until the Planning Department weighs in with their recommendation.

Let's smile a little as we put ourselves asleep and relax for one or two seconds. We have earned it.

mellonhead said...

As I remember it 80% of Eastview voters voted to annex to RPV.

When I first moved over here from Pedro I assumed I still lived in Pedro because the mailing address was the same: San Pedro, CA 90732. When utility bills from the Calif Water Co. and Edison arrived I found out I lived in unincorporated Los Angeles County.

Anonymous said...

RPV is still San Pedro in my book. It was when I was a kid and the people who still live there are Pedro folks no doubt! I think the Bisno folks took their que from the Donato rant.