Friday, July 20, 2007

They Are Already Digging for the Bullet

In today's Daily Breeze, there was a new article about the San Pedro and Peninsula Chamber of Commerce's endorsement of Ponte Vista, where it seems they have recognized that even with study and time, they managed to shoot themselves in the foot.

The digging for the bullet has begun, it seems. I think however, that using the injured foot to back peddle isn't in their best interest, I feel their Board of Directors shoud, extremely quickly, vote to recind any endorsement of Ponte Vista or any development with the size proposed by Bob and consider waiting for the Planning Department and the Community Advisory Committee to weigh in on what they believe is best for OUR community.

It's not that they jumped the gun so much as they stepped on it and it went off.

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Anonymous said...

Exact a mundo. By the latest logic, they are for anything being built there no matter what the size so they must also be for R-1 zoning because it, too, will develop that "blighted" area.

So never mind what the community may want, now they will accept whatever the number that the planning department comes up with.

Now that's standing up for the good of the community and being counted.