Monday, July 16, 2007

Moderation Without Censorship

Well folks, I did decide to turn on moderation. If you want a comment published on this blog, I will need to read it first to make sure there are no foul or vulgar words used ON THIS BLOG!

What I have done is copied all of the really offensive comments that used foul words and put them on my other blog about Ponte Vista.

If you are smart enough to figure out where to find that other blog of mine, then you will be able to read every single foul word, vulgarity, profanity, or stupidity you wish to read.

Furthermore, If individuals wish to make comments on this blog using foul words and vulgarity, I will simply copy their comments and post them on my other Ponte Vista blog.

I will not censor anyone who wishes to comment. I will use my creativity to move their comments from one blog to the other, both dealing with Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Yes, I have removed the comments from XXXXXXXXX, but if you wish to read them and make comment about them, you just need to go to my other Ponte Vista blog and read them and comment to your hearts content.

Reasonable individuals who attempt to respect viewpoints that differ from theirs should not have to look at the foul language XXXXX seems to enjoy using, I feel.

If you read the comments made between June 27 and now, you will see that XXXXX has some comments left on this blog. They just didn't contain any foul language.

O.K., I know critics will chastise me for moderating the comments. But I will either post every comment on this blog or my other Ponte Vista blog. It is just that simple. It will all be there, as long as you know where "there" is.

I think I will give this a try for a couple of weeks. I hope folks who agree and disagree with me won't hesitate making comments. If they contain foul language, the comments will go onto my other Ponte Vista blog. If they do not contain foul language, as far as I am concerned, then whatever is written for this blog will go on this blog.

If you want to comment off point, go ahead. If you want to criticize me or anyone else, go ahead. Only know that if you use vulgar language or are really putrid with your comments, expect to find them on my other Ponte Vista blog.

Again, I want to thank all the thoughtful folks, especially Mellonhead. Great comments were given during a period of time when it was disturbing to read such filth from XXXXXXXXXX.

Let's give this a try and see where it leads us.

My other Ponte Vista blog is not the same as Tom Field's. It is completely different and shares nothing in common with his.

Actually since late June, I haven't visited his blog and I have absolutely no idea about what he is writing about, at this time.


Anonymous said...

Oh,what a shell game. "You can read the comments if you can guess where to look." Why don't you just have the cojones to say you are going to delete what you don't like?

Go ahead and moderate me. It doesn't bother me in the least. I know you will read this.

Anonymous said...

peekaboo i see you!
do you see me?
i know where you are.
do you know where i am?
i also know where your "other" blog is. it will be the subject of commments on a blog you don't control.
how stupid. cannabilize your own blog.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the opportunity for so much fun.

i hope you enjoy wading through all these comments.

mellonhead said...

Thanks Mark! Now we ALL can concentrate on the real potential menace in our midst--PONTE VISTA!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark for putting that rabid dog in a cage somewhere else so we are not faced with having to wade through his obscenities here.

He took blogging to a new low.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

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