Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Fourth Ponte Vista Blog

Well it looks like another blog has been created to attack R1 and all you great community members who support keeping the current zoning at Ponte Vista.

It won't allow anonymous comments. It probably will be moderated. It uses the R1 group's organizational title in it's own title.

It is not from the R1 group or any other person, other than a supporter of Bob's, an employee or agent for Bob, an individual who believes bigger is better, and unfortunately, an individual who must resort to negative attacks rather than positive issues about Ponte Vista.

In short, another coward from the larger development side of our community has slithered forward, used a decent organization's name and will attack, attack, attack, and spread venom about the growing number of members of OUR community who continue to band together toward keeping OUR community from over development and folks like Bob and his cohorts.

I bet you will probably be able to find the blog's address on another blog concerning Ponte Vista, but you will not be able to find it on either of mine.

Wednesday was a great day for supporters of R1. We need to know that there will be more days like today and be ready to keep our momentum going and growing to fight the attacks that are becoming more desperate the longer Bob has to wait to see if is huge plan goes forward.

If nothing else, this newest blog should let all of us know that we need to keep our vigil going, our strength high, and we should all re-double our efforts to fight Bob and his minions, when we know they are attempting to take over OUR community.

Because this is my blog, I have decided not to publish any comments at this time concerning this newest blog. Advertising the address on either of my blogs at this time would be confusing to many individuals, in my opinion, because the R1 group's address and title could get confused with this new blog's address and title and is something the new blog's creator wanted, I feel.

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M Richards said...

Just to be fair and see if my comments will be able to be viewed for some time on that new blog, I have copied my first comment (it appears now that XXXXX is allowing anonymous comments, probably just to see what I will write.)

"Thanks for bringing to light your wit and wisdom. Your humor is only surpassed by your rage, but boy or boy, your rage is out of control."

Let's see how long it stays on that blog. If you write a comment on that blog and wish to see if it stays posted, please send your comments to me and I will post them on one of my blogs.

Perhaps I'll put them on my site as well,