Sunday, July 22, 2007

CAC Meeting, July 24

The next meeting of Janice Hahn's Community Advisory Committee for the Ponte Vista project is TUESDAY July 24, 2007, beginning at 6:00 PM at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in San Pedro.

We NEED every person supporting R1, or keeping the zoning as it currently is on the site, at this meeting. Call your friends and neighbors, bring in busloads of folks, this is a very important meeting and one that should not be missed.It is expected that the members will discuss and make recommendations for the density and/or number of units they would like to pass along to Councilwoman Hahn.

There could be two recommendations. One recommendation by a majority of members calling for a range of numbers for units and/or density. The other recommendation, unfortunately probably in the minority opinion, is for R1 and keeping the current zoning as it is, at the site, and not approving any ordinances that would change the current zoning.

It would be good if the Planning Department representative weighed in with an opinion about what that department might allow in their report about the site, but I can't say that will happen.

I hope that there are chocolate chip cookies there, along with all the other goodies provided. We need to thank Bob for paying for them so all of us could be treated, but that doesn't mean we need to agree with him on anything.

I also wish we are all civil. I apologize beforehand if any of my laughter is offensive to any of you, but sometimes statements are so ridiculous that I just can't help myself. I don't usually make any other comments from my seat other than laughter.

I also need to warn folks that some folks use their first amendment right of free speech inappropriately sometimes, but I can't help that, either.

Let's have the best time possible. Let's listen to the committee members, Bob, Betsy, Ms. Hahn if she attends, and all the comments from the floor.


Anonymous said...

anybody taking bets on the numbers for tonight? should have started a pool. 1200-1500 is my shot.

Anonymous said...

I think 429 is a reasonalble number.

Anonymous said...

i agree, but i still think we'll see numbers in the 1000 range.