Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hide and Go Rage

Before I really begin this post, I must continue to warn readers that if they do not like to read foul, offensive, rude, and vulgar comments, please avoid the comments section or Email me your comments and I will post them. There is a Bisno supporter who is enjoying their freedom to be just what many Bisno supporters may be, and not many of us enjoy reading the words but to find humor in the demonstration of what some of Bob's supporters are really like.

Do you remember the childhood game, "Hide and Go Seek?" I think some of Bob's supporters may have learned a different game. I would like to call it, "Hide and Go Rage."

There seems to be many, many of Bob's supporters that cannot be found when we are collecting signatures at supermarkets for keeping the zoning as it currently is at Ponte Vista. For every 100 or so folks who sign the R1 petition, only about one individual claims they support Bob's monstrous development.this begs a question: If there are so many supporters of Bob's in San Pedro, where in the heck are they? Do they only shop at Costco? Perhaps they tend to do their food shopping at stores other than Albertson's, Von's, Ralph's, and McCowan's.

Another way we are seeing supporters' tactics for hiding is not revealing the truths about themselves. What do they stand to loose, except for their reputation and whatever standing they think they have in OUR community?

We didn't read in the letters to the editor that Herb Zimmer live in R.P.V. Most everyone includes their city of residence when they write letters to the editor. Was Mr. Zimmer ashamed he lives in R.P.V.?

With Mr. Dominguez's letter, how could you have know how highly placed (as a co-chair of at least one of Bob's advisory boards) he is within the groups supporting Ponte Vista.

I wish Mr. Donato had not hidden the fact that he is also a member of one of Bob's Advisory Boards, when he wrote his letter.

It seems many, many supporters of Bob's huge plans aren't willing to reveal their true interests in Ponte Vista when writing about Ponte Vista.

Now comes the rage. It seems that even though so many folks feel the need to hide their affiliation with Bob and his troubled fiasco, a lot of supporters have a rage about them that is unhealthy, I think.

It is bad enough that nobody from the Bisno organization is willing to comment on this blog about the supporter(s) who only have rude, vulgar language to funnel their rage. I know folks at the Bisno organization read this blog regularly. It would seem to me that someone at that organization would want to create space between that organization and the folks who use bad words and have a very unhappy life, and their organization and advisory groups.

Could it be that the Bisno group endorses that kind of language in blogs it opposes. Shame on them if they do.

"XXX" also seems to have a rage that is hard for him/her/them to deal with, I feel. Attack, attack, attack, without offering any more compromises or real tough criticism of Bob's new proposal. I would imagine that "XXX" would be as enraged with Bob for not following his/her/their call for what they want, as he/she/they attack me.

Mr. Donato, in his letter in More, suggests that San Pedro issues should be settled by San Pedrans only. He has demonstrated rage during CAC meetings when he doesn't like what CAC members say, even though they have the right and time to say whatever they want and they are not audience members like Mr. Donato is. His attempts to bully at least one CAC member demonstrated a little of the rage it looks like San Pedro is going to be represented by for the next two years.

I find it quite silly that folks like the foul-mouthed troubled soul would try as they might to get me enraged. I guess I should appreciate all the fuss and fall-der-all, but I just look on it with some sadness that we cannot have comment sections free of Bisno's rude supporters.

I do enjoy a good read from the several supporters of Bob's Ponte Vista who are willing to pose good questions and make reasonable comments on this blog. Because I am not the staunchest R1 supporter dealing with Ponte Vista and I have genuinely looked at compromises and alternatives prior to May 29, I think I have a better understanding of some of Bob's supporters' issues than folks who are stringent, R1 demanders.

Andrew Silber seems to be a Bisno supporter. He and I had personal Email exchanges awhile back and when it was all over, Terri and I had lunch at The Whale and Ale. Mr. Silber has also been endorsed by the Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1, for one of the 12 at-large seats on Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council's Board. I write about Mr. Silber because I don't think he learned how to play "Hide and Go Rage" in the country of his birth. He is an example of a supporter we don't have to agree with, but he is a good person, I feel.

I did read an anonymous comment that wondered if Herb Zimmer's printing company was printing things for Bob. I have absolutely no idea if he is or isn't. If someone would like to ask him, they have the first amendment right to ask him or his wife, Arlene. Of course they both have that same right to not answer the question.

Both Mr. Silber and Mr. Zimmer are business owners in San Pedro. Businesses need folks to support them by buying products, receiving services, or enjoying fine dining. I did not boycott The Whale and Ale, and I don't intend to do so, at this time. However, the use of the boycott is a right, privilege, and responsibility that folks have if they find that the owners and/or operators of establishments that do business or support things that many seem are counterproductive to their wishes and lifestyles.

In some cases, boycotts work. For the Ponte Vista issue, a boycott of businesses who's owners/operators support Bob and his outrageous plan probably won't work, but if enough folks want to give it a try, how about a new game? "Hide and Don't Shop"

I would hope anyone playing the new game would do it with a smile on their face and being friendly when they state that, support of Bob's giant project means they will use their pocketbook elsewhere. It is not a rage thing or really a hiding thing. It is just folks stating to other folks that support of Bob can cause businesses support from the community.

Isn't it still amazing that the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce has not yet endorsed Ponte Vista? What do they know that the other Chambers keep their eyes and ears closed about?


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Just4fin said...

Road Rage the Art of Ponte Vista Support"

Sadly, it has come to this. Name calling with expletives (not deleted.) This kind of behaviour smacks of the same behaviour that we see on the road by individuals who anonymously flip other drivers off or vehemently swear at them or, on rare occasion, shoot them.

They do so inside the safety of their speeding vehicle knowing that no one will will identify them or know who they are. The same applies to anonymous on this posting.

Frankly, I could care less who this person is, nor would I want to be stuck in a conversation with him or her because they obviously have nothing worthwhile to say.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

as long as your buried underneath them.

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mellonhead said...

The blog has been infested by a pest. THE BEST WAY TO COMBAT THIS PEST IS TO IGNORE IT. The pest is really impotent and harmless.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

what a pathetic attempt to stop or disrupt this website. someone has a lot of spare time. your words will not stop this movement. bisno is an ass and will never get what he wants. 10,000 people have spoken. a buttmunch like you can only hide behind your keyboard and spew useless babble. you no longer will be acknowleged.

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