Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daily Breeze Article on Wednesday July 25, 2007

Here is where you can find the article written by Ms. Donna Littlejohn concerning the Community Advisory Committee's actions during the July 24 meeting.

After seeing one of the buttons I made on front page of the paper, Terri is not so mad at me anymore for the time I have spent and the dollars we have donated for all the button materials and the big button press.

Temporary stickers may get a point across, but I have been very pleased to be able to provide a more permanent device representing something many people agree on and wear from time to time.


mellonhead said...

What will Mr. Bisno do now? Yogi Berra, in his wisdom, said "It ain't over till it's over. STAY ALERT!

Anonymous said...

well, well, well. and the decision, by a knockout, is the people! i'll be damned.I never would have thought having any real impact could be accomplished by any methods against big intrests and big money. How the hell does someone like ol' bob-o accumulate such wealth and still remain such an ignorant ***? well, now the real battle begins. he never gave a damn what anybody thought of his project and is massaging the council for the real vote coming. the mayor loves any development and so do many of the current council, as evidenced by their actions on similar issues. well, it's time to educate them and the rest of southern california that what what happens here now could happen near them tomorrow. there's no more room at the inn. anybody else see today's LA times front page article:FORECLOSURES IN STATE HIT RECORD HIGH (7-25-07) PAGE 1A.
JUST READ THE ARTICLE. there is too much to quote for me right now. However, foreclosures are up 799% in the last year. need i say any more? bob-o and his hoodlums are going down for the count and so is his project. no doubt "TOM"
and his hooligans really ought to wake up and stop underestamiting the locals.