Friday, July 06, 2007

Odds and Ends 20

Well folks, it appears there is an individual making comments on this blog that has problems with me. This individual seems to know what medications I am taking and has interest in using foul language. I am so glad I do not have to live in that person's mind, because it seems so unhappy and troubled. I hope all of you who read those comments are glad you don't have to be that person for one second or your life.

That person is the only person they have to live with for the rest of their life and it is tragic that whoever it is, is so angry and troubled.

So where many of you are, it is Friday. That means it is one fewer Thursday before the next CAC meeting on July 24. I think we are going to here a recommendation which may be voted on, concerning how many total units the majority of CAC members will recommend. I think if you look at somewhere between 1,000 to 1,250-units, then you probably won't be surprised.

No matter what the majority vote for, there will be a report written suggesting that the current zoning remain. Bob has already written that he thinks whatever the CAC recommends, he probably wouldn't have built Ponte Vista according to their total unit recommendations.

I hope the Planning Department will reveal one of the worst kept secrets in the whole Ponte Vista debate. I hope they reveal it during a CAC meeting.

I think if you want to know the secret, you can ask someone other than me, because I want to give Ms. Weisman the honor and privilege of clipping Bob's wings. Do not look for Ms. Weisman to call for R1 at this time, but you can be quite sure that Bob's 1,950-unit development will never get built, if the Planning Department has any say in the matter. Oh yes, they do have a say, don't they?


I'll give the person who thinks he knows what meds I am taking, one med; Fosamax. Fosamax is being used to slow down the progress of my avascular necrosis. I know it is extremely trivial to all of you, but I thought I should let the person get one med correct. ______________________________

Perhaps we all need a little vacation from dealing with Ponte Vista. I know the members of the CAC are tired. I didn't mind at all Crease's remark about being tired. I know she and the rest of the group need to clear their minds and hearts for at least a bit of time. I hope after July 24, the CAC can take a break. I think Bob's wish that the CAC review his 1,950-unit monstere should bring the group back together sometime to do that review that Bob wants.

I'll still be here to read comments from the many, many thoughtful folks who read and offer opinion on this blog. I will probably create some new thought along the way, too. I will continue to read the attacks on me from the nameless few. I won't expect any of them to find curage enough to identify themselves, because courage is probably something they never had and cannot learn. We should feel sorry for those very few souless individuals.


You still have some time to support your candidate for Queen of the Mary Star Fiesta. It is a tradition in OUR community and it helps folks out.

It is true that not very many folks thought enough to cast their vote in Northwest's election and that is shameful, in my opinion. Your right to vote or not vote is guaranteed by the lives lost giving all of us that right and be fellow veterans and active duty military personnel continuing to protect your right to be apathetic.

We have a problem in eastern Rancho Palos Verdes. 11% of us voted on the last City Council election. It is very conceivable that our turnout is so poor because we feel more like we are San Pedrans. But in our rights to vote, we are residents of Rancho Palos Verdes. Our concentration of potential voters for Council seats means that if our area ever did become interested in who is on the City Council, we would place who we want on that Council. I know of one gentleman who lives in the area who would make a great Rancho Palos Verdes City Councilmember, and it is NOT me!

I was asked to make a button, which I happily did. The message on the button was simple: If you don't vote, you don't count! That about sums it up I think.


Anonymous said...

more innuendo and bluff. ho-hum, how tiring. more trivia and hinting about secrets. ho-hum. get a life. what you are doing with this one is boring.

5,000 units for Ponte Vista!

Anonymous said...

Mark, you must be a pretty good writer if your words can set this guy so far off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the former navy property must stay R-1. We have the community, the councilwoman, and common sense on our side.

Anonymous said...

i am perplexed at the point of these comments.. I guess now i should change my viewpoint on this issue and champion for the future ghetto project, which it will eventually become, when the owners of the units have to try to rent them out against other properties, and each other. As big a butthead bob bisno is, it's hard to believe he's sanctioning his paid blogger's
tirades. But, i guess the proof is in the pudding. how sad and pathetic old "tommy boy" has become. mark, i don't give a damn what drugs you take or don't take. you have and are still doing this community a great service. hope you get better with whatever is wrong with you. "tom fields" needs to be exposed. i really have pity for him. what happened to his idea of reasoned debate? this is the best he's got? to endlessly attack you? i think his idea is to draw people in to respond in kind so he can put it on his website. what a fool. 429

Anonymous said...

5,000 units for Ponte Vista!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Mark is my hero. Such a great writer in the same genre as Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe andother American classic writers. Please write more of your wonderful prose for these eager moronic masses waiting for the pieces of tripe you throw them to swallow whole with no consideration of the validity of the claim.

Anonymous said...

I would be very surprised if "Tom" was paid by Bisno. Even Bisno wouldn't be that out of touch to hire such a lunatic. His last post is a pathetic attempt to further be able to claim he isn't the one coming on here. His last post he says this about Mark:

"Everyone is entititled to their opinion. He has always been courteous and allowed me to express mine, all I can do is attempt to return the courtesy."

The post just 2 days before, he says:

"You know Mr. Wells, if you don't want to be "attacked" then don't say completely stupid shit, like:"

He is up all night posting talking about meds no less. This is classic lunatic behaviour.

He wants Mark to moderate the comments, because Tom moderated. The fact is Tom moderated alot of serious, on-topic questions because he didn't have the answer or didn't like who was asking it.

Anonymous said...

oh, i'm sooooo busted...... yes, it's me tom! soooo sorry that you don't like me.

so sad...too bad

M Richards said...

No one I suggest, should believe "XXX" is a paid blogger for Bob or anyone else.

It could be imagined I guess, that somebody who does something else for Bob might be blogging on his spare time, for free. But to suggest that Bob would want to know who "XXX" is, might want to know that Bob and his agents and employees would like to keep plausible denyability open when they claim they don't know who that other blogger really is.

For some time I thought I had "XXX" pegged, but I am not as sure as I once was. So thinking about who "XXX" really is, may be a waste of our time right now.

We may never know who the other blogger is and that helps us to attack Bob and his outrageous plans all the better. Keeping someone unknown lets us imagine whatever we like.

I don't think anyone can slander or libel a person who identifies themselves with a fictitous name.

Also, I wish everyone would just ignore folks who write foul language, repeat sentences over and over, or are trying their best to get me angry.

Please don't waste your thoughts on people who write offensive things on these comments. It may only get you pissed off and there is no reason for any of you to get angry or agitated. Consider the source and be grateful you don't have to live with someone who is so pathetic, injured, hurting, angry, unknowledgeable, indecent, foul, unhappy, and whatever else you think they may be.

Let's continue to ignore those writings and deal with discussions that matter.

Anonymous said...

oh no! not that!! please don't ignore me!! oh please mr. fuckhead... i mean mr. wells, don't ignore me. i need your attention to exist. please don't go.